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Kaycee in Wonderland – The Multi-Talented Filipina YouTubing Star

As a long-time fan, I‘m excited to provide an in-depth introduction to Kaycee in Wonderland, spotlighting this talented young Filipina‘s unique personality and impressive skills.

Key Facts About Kaycee

Kaycee David is a 16-year-old YouTube phenomenon from the Philippines. Here are some key facts about this rising star:

Full Name: Kaycee David

Age: 16

Birthday: November 6, 2007

Death Date: N/A

Birth Sign: Scorpio

Born: Philippines

Relationship: Single

Height: 4‘ 1"

Net Worth: $97M

Social Media:

About Kaycee

Kaycee started YouTube at 9 with her sister‘s channel "Kaycee and Rachel in Wonderland". She has since grown into one of the most popular Filipina content creators with over 13 million subscribers.

Kaycee in Wonderland‘s YouTube Journey

2016 – Kaycee launches her YouTube channel "Kaycee and Rachel in Wonderland" alongside her sister Rachel, featuring fun vlogs and talent videos.

2016 – She appears in an episode of the children‘s web series "iShine Talent Camp", demonstrating her art skills.

2017 – Kaycee creates a new channel "Music in Wonderland" dedicated to covers and original songs, gaining popularity for her voice.

2018 – Her parents launch "Kaycee and Rachel in Wonderland Family" as the new official channel after issues with fake channels.

2018 – They also create "Kaycee and Rachel Old Films" to showcase old videos for longtime fans.

Why Fans Love Kaycee

Her creativity

Kaycee produces fun, family-friendly content that leaves fans eager for new videos. She explores creative ideas to engage viewers.

Her diverse talents

She can sing, play instruments like piano and drums, act, dance and produce YouTube videos – amazing versatility!

Her cheerful personality

Her inherent charm, cuteness and positivity appeal to all ages and shine through in her videos.

5 Interesting Facts About Kaycee

  1. Won grand prize in a major singing competition in the Philippines at 7.
  2. Has perfect pitch and taught herself instruments by ear.
  3. Comes from a musical family – dad‘s a singer, mom‘s a choir conductor.
  4. Can speak English, Filipino and Korean fluently.
  5. Dream job is to be an international performer and YouTuber.

Kaycee‘s Impact on YouTube

Kaycee demonstrates that age is no barrier to YouTube success. Her talent and family-friendly content have made her a sensation in the Philippines and beyond. She inspires young aspiring YouTubers to follow their passions. As Kaycee explores her many talents, her 13 million fans eagerly await what she‘ll do next!