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Keemstar – The Controversial YouTube News Host

Keemstar‘s Profile at a Glance
Full Name Daniel Keem
Age 41
Birthday March 8, 1982
Birth Place United States
Occupation YouTuber, Podcaster, Streamer
Years Active 2009-Present
Net Worth $10 million
Spouse Divorced
Children 1 Daughter
Social Media TwitterInstagramYouTube

Keemstar is an American YouTuber, podcaster and streamer most famous for creating and hosting DramaAlert, a popular YouTube news show focused on happenings in the YouTube community. With over 5 million subscribers across multiple channels, Keemstar has built a massive and dedicated following.

As a longtime Keemstar fan, I‘ve followed his controversial career from the very start. While he has constantly courted controversy, his brash, opinionated coverage of YouTube drama has made him one of the most influential personalities on the platform.

From Humble Beginnings to YouTube Fame

Keemstar got his start as a gameplay commentator in the early 2010s, covering games like Call of Duty and Fortnite. I still remember watching his early Call of Duty videos – while rough around the edges, his high-energy style immediately stood out.

In 2009, Keemstar launched Fed Up With News, his first dive into YouTube drama coverage. But it wasn‘t until DramaAlert‘s launch in 2014 that Keemstar truly hit the big time. I vividly recall watching those early DramaAlert videos and knowing Keemstar had something special. While critics panned his abrasive delivery, his humorous takes on the latest controversies made DramaAlert a must-watch.

Rise to Stardom – And Controversy

At his peak, Keemstar was gaining 300,000 new subscribers a month on DramaAlert. But massive fame inevitably brought intensifying controversies.

Keemstar‘s unfiltered reporting style frequently led to accusations of bullying, harassment, and offensive behavior. As a longtime fan, I can‘t deny Keemstar has occasionally crossed the line. His 2016 temporary ban from YouTube was disappointing but unsurprising.

But I also appreciate that Keemstar owns up to past mistakes. His apologies seem sincere, and he strives to improve himself. And while his delivery can be crude, his coverage consistently highlights important issues like abuse and corruption in the YouTube community.

Epic Feuds and Rivalries

One of the most entertaining aspects of being a DramaAlert fan are Keemstar‘s explosive online feuds. Some of the most memorable include:

  • Pokimane – Keemstar unrelentingly reported on Pokimane‘s controversies, while she accused him of sexism and harassment. As a fan, their feud highlighted issues of bias in YouTube news.
  • h3h3 – Ethan Klein has crusaded against Keemstar for years, even partnering with iDubbbzTV to expose Keemstar‘s toxicity. Their angry feud reveals flaws on both sides.
  • iDubbbzTV – iDubbbz accused Keem of racism and manipulation in viral "Content Cop" videos. As a fan, this feud tested my loyalty, but I respect iDubbbz‘s legitimate criticisms.

These feuds can get nasty fast. But underneath the drama lays important questions about accountability. As a fan, I know Keem isn‘t perfect. But I appreciate his willingness to directly address critics, admit mistakes, and bring hidden issues to light.

Why I‘ll Always be a Keemstar Supporter

Despite the constant controversy, I proudly remain a Keemstar supporter because of qualities like:

  • His honesty – Keemstar is bluntly honest, even if it gets him in trouble. Fake news is too common, so his direct style is refreshing.
  • His underdog appeal – As an internet underdog who overcame homelessness, Keemstar embodies the YouTube dream.
  • His interviews – Keemstar lands exclusive interviews with top YouTubers, allowing first-hand insights into controversies.
  • His speed – DramaAlert‘s rapid coverage provides vital real-time updates other news misses.
  • His gaming focus – Sharing my passion for games like Fortnite, I love Keem‘s deep connections to that community.

Keemstar remains a divisive figure. But his unique, unfiltered coverage of internet culture continues bringing in millions of loyal viewers. As a longtime fan, I can‘t wait to see what Keemstar does next – regardless of the drama that awaits!

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