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Kelsey Kreppel – Comedy YouTuber and Cody Ko‘s Fiancée

Kelsey Kreppel
Name: Kelsey Kreppel
Birthday: September 24, 1993

Age: 29 years old (as of 2023)
Born: United States
Height: 5‘4"

YouTube: Kelsey Kreppel
Instagram: @kelseykreppel
TikTok: @kelsey_kreppel
Twitter: @kelseykreppel

Kelsey Kreppel is an absolute laugh riot! As a dedicated fan for years, I‘ve loved watching Kelsey‘s journey from humble start to bonafide YouTube superstar. Her comedic timing and charismatic screen presence never fail to put a smile on my face. Let‘s take a deeper dive into the incredibly talented and endlessly entertaining Kelsey Kreppel!

Her Small Town Beginnings

While Kelsey now resides in Los Angeles, she originally hails from the small town of Camarillo, California. In various videos, she describes growing up in a close-knit family and community. I find it inspiring how she took the leap to move to L.A. and pursue her big city dreams.

Kelsey attended California State University, Northridge, graduating in 2015 with a major in journalism and media production. She put her studies to use working gigs like Starbucks barista by day and freelance writer by night. Still, Kelsey yearned to chase her creative passions full-time.

In December 2014, she took a chance and launched her self-titled YouTube channel. At first it was just for fun, filming silly skits and sketches in her free time. Little did she know where that humble channel would take her…

Rising YouTube Queen

For the first few years, Kelsey focused on finishing college and built her YouTube audience slowly but surely. Her big break came in September 2017 when she was invited as a guest on Cody Ko‘s podcast "Insanely Chill."

Kelsey‘s bubbly personality and quick wit instantly resonated with listeners. She soon began regularly collaborating with Cody Ko, who later became her boyfriend.

Gaining exposure from Cody‘s millions of subscribers gave Kelsey‘s channel the boost it needed. By 2019 she had cracked 100k subscribers herself, a major milestone!

Today, Kelsey has over 800,000 YouTube subscribers and growing. Her videos offer the perfect blend of lighthearted comedy and relatable lifestyle content. Other highlights include:

  • 2020 Shorty Award Winner for "YouTuber of the Year"
  • Cameos in several of Cody Ko‘s popular videos
  • Co-host of the Tiny Meat Gang podcast in 2019
  • Brand sponsorships with Flat Tummy Co, Ana Luisa Jewelry, and more

It has been incredible watching Kelsey‘s rise firsthand as a subscriber from her earliest days. She deserves all the success in the world!

One Half of a YouTube Power Couple

Beyond her own channel, Kelsey is also known as one half of YouTube‘s cutest couple alongside Cody Ko. The two connected immediately after meeting in 2016 and their chemistry was undeniable.

After keeping their relationship private initially, I was so happy when Kelsey and Cody started posting more videos together in 2018. They truly are the perfect match!

I will never forget the day in May 2021 when Kelsey announced their engagement in an emotional video titled "we have to talk." I may have happy-cried seeing these two sweet souls decide to spend their lives together!

Their wedding is set for 2023 and I cannot wait. I know whatever Kelsey and Cody plan together will be amazing. I wouldn‘t miss it for the world!

Why Fans Adore Kelsey

What makes Kelsey so darn lovable? Let me count the ways!

  • Her physical comedy and hilarious facial expressions never fail to crack me up.
  • Kelsey radiates cheerful, positive energy in all of her videos. It‘s infectious!
  • She comes up with incredibly creative video ideas – from sketch comedy to testing viral trends.
  • Kelsey seems like a genuinely caring friend. I‘d love chatting with her over coffee!
  • Unlike some influencers, she keeps it real and doesn‘t pretend to have a perfect life.

Simply put, Kelsey is one of those special people born to entertain. I cannot recommend her channel enough to anyone looking for laughs and positivity!

Fun Facts for Superfans

After following Kelsey for so many years, I‘ve picked up on some super fun facts about her:

  • She can cry on command! Kelsey considers this a special skill of hers.
  • Pineapple pizza is her favorite – though Cody vehemently disagrees on this hot topic.
  • She broke her wrist in middle school from running backwards. Ouch!
  • Kelsey secretly wishes she had been born with the first name "Princess."
  • Her hidden talents include juggling and solving a Rubik‘s cube in under a minute!

The more I learn about Kelsey Kreppel, the more there is to love. I cannot wait to see what hilarious videos and projects she dreams up next!