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Kendall Vertes – The Talented Young Dancer from Dance Moms

Full Name Kendall K Vertes
Birthday December 9, 2002
Age 20 Years Old
Hometown Pittsburgh, PA
Height 5‘ 7" (170 cm)
Net Worth $1.5 million
Social Media Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube

Kendall Vertes (b. 2002) from Pittsburgh, PA is a dancer famous for her involvement with the Abby Lee Dance Company since 18 months old. She quickly became one of the standout stars on Dance Moms showcasing her natural talent and determination.

Early Dance Training

Kendall began her dance training at Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) as a toddler, taking ballet, tap, jazz, acro and lyrical classes. She showed dedication even at a young age, taking class 6 days a week. Her mother Jill recognized Kendall‘s potential and made the commitment to drive her to lessons constantly.

By age 8, Kendall was learning advanced techniques and complex choreography. She was known as one of studio owner Abby Lee Miller‘s favorites due to her schedule flexibility, competitive drive and graceful style.

Competitive Highlights

I‘ve eagerly followed Kendall‘s dance career from the beginning as a fan. Here are some of her most impressive competition achievements over the years:

  • 1st Overall Mini Female Solo at Nexstar Dance Competition in 2012 (age 10)
  • 3rd Overall at Dance Moms Season 2 Nationals in 2013 (age 11)
  • 5th Overall at Dance Moms Season 5 Nationals in 2015 (age 13)
  • Won the NYCDA Mini Female Best Dancer Trophy in 2014 (age 12)
  • Won Jump VIP Elite Protégé Award in 2017 (age 15)

Kendall has rightfully earned praise from judges for her polished technique, flexibility, emotional performance quality and ability to conquer many diverse dance styles.

Standout Performances

Some of my personal favorite competitive Kendall routines that demonstrate her versatility include:

  • "Hard Knock Life" (Jazz) – Dance Moms Season 2
  • "The Raven" (Lyrical) – Dance Moms Season 3
  • "Lizzie Borden" (Contemporary) – Dance Moms Season 4
  • "The Scream" (Contemporary) Dance Moms Season 5
  • "Mouth" (Lyrical) – Dance Moms Season 7

She never fails to tell a story and draw the audience in emotionally. Kendall‘s technique has also matured greatly over the years into a blend of grace, flexibility, and precision.

Other Ventures

Beyond dancing, Kendall has explored various other creative and business pursuits:

  • Appeared in music videos, web series, commercials
  • Voiced the character of Young Mellie on 5 episodes of Scandal
  • Released original pop singles
  • Created the Glitzy Girl lipgloss line in 2013
  • Published memoir Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina in 2017
  • Active influencer with millions of social media followers

The Future Looks Bright

At only 20 years old, Kendall‘s future shines brightly. She demonstrates focus and maturity beyond her years. I‘m confident she will continue growing as a versatile dancer, actor, singer and entrepreneur. The possibilities seem endless for this gifted star!