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Keyshia Cole – The Grammy-Nominated R&B Star

Full Name Keyshia Myeshia Cole
Age 42
Birthday October 15, 1981
Birth Place Oakland, California, United States
Net Worth $8 million
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

Keyshia Cole is an American R&B singer-songwriter who rose to fame in the mid 2000s with her breakout albums The Way It Is and Just Like You. With her powerful vocals and vulnerable songwriting, Cole has become one of the most prominent voices in contemporary R&B.

Early Life and Career Beginnings in Oakland

Keyshia Cole was born on October 15, 1981 in Oakland, California to a Black American father and a biracial mother. She endured a difficult childhood marred by poverty, homelessness, and addiction within her family. Despite the instability, Cole found solace in music from a young age. As a teenager, she honed her singing skills by performing at local talent shows in Oakland, determined to launch a music career one day.

Cole‘s big break came at age 18 when she was discovered by A&M Records executive Ron Fair after auditioning for him. In early 2004, she released her debut single "Never" followed by her first album, The Way It Is, in June 2005.

Reaching Mainstream Success with The Way It Is and Just Like You

Propelled by the breakout R&B single "Love", The Way It Is was certified platinum and earned Cole two Grammy nominations for Best New Artist and Best Female R&B Vocal Performance. She worked with hip-hop heavyweights Missy Elliott, Eminem, and Amina early in her career.

Cole‘s 2007 sophomore album Just Like You cemented her status as an R&B star, debuting at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart. Standout tracks included the Lil Wayne-assisted "I Remember," "Let It Go," and "Shoulda Let You Go." With its themes of love and heartbreak, Just Like You connected deeply with fans, further showcasing Cole‘s songwriting talent.

Continued Relevance Through the 2010s

In the 2010s, Cole continued releasing successful R&B records that garnered both commercial success and critical acclaim:

  • Calling All Hearts (2010) – Debuted at #9 on Billboard 200, included hit single “I Ain‘t Thru” with Nicki Minaj
  • Woman to Woman (2012) – Debuted at #10 on Billboard 200, earned Cole 2 Grammy nods
  • Point of No Return (2014) – Peaked at #6 on Billboard 200
  • 11-11 Reset (2018) – Included R&B chart-topper “You”

Cole also hosted BET reality shows like “Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is,” “Keyshia Cole: All In,” and “Keyshia Cole: Family First” during the late 2000s and 2010s. These programs provided an intimate look into her personal life.

Impact and Legacy in Contemporary R&B

With six studio albums, multiple Grammy nominations, and a discography packed with R&B hits, Keyshia Cole has firmly established herself as one of the genre‘s premier artists over the past 15+ years. She has inspired a generation of singers with her authenticity and willingness to bare her soul through music.

Though she has endured career ups and downs, Cole continues to connect with fans through her powerful voice and ability to translate pain into cathartic anthems of self-love and resilience. At 41 years old, it‘s clear Cole still has much more to give as she continues growing into her talents.