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Kim Dracula

Full Name Samuel Wellings
Birthday November 23, 1997
Age 25
Born Hobart, Australia
Relationship Status Single
Height 5‘ 6"
Net Worth $250,000
Social Media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube

Kim Dracula is an Australian trap metal/hardcore music artist from Hobart who has taken the internet by storm with their popular original songs and viral cover videos. Known for an edgy, androgynous style and dynamic vocal range, Kim Dracula has amassed millions of passionate fans across social media platforms. As a longtime superfan, I‘ve been captivated watching Kim Dracula‘s journey from humble beginnings covering pop-punk classics in their bedroom to becoming one of Australia‘s top viral music sensations.

Early Life and Music Journey

Kim Dracula was born Samuel Wellings in Hobart, Australia in 1997. From a young age, they found solace in the gritty sounds of metal and punk rock music. Dracula started crafting clever pop-punk covers and posting them to TikTok under the moniker Kim Dracula in 2018. Their raw talent and charismatic performance style quickly attracted attention. After building a grassroots following, Dracula began sharing original compositions that fused metal and trap into a fresh, hard-hitting sound.

Development of a Unique Musical Style

Kim Dracula‘s music is best described as "trap metal" – fusing elements of punk, electronica, hip hop, and good old-fashioned headbanging heavy metal. Their vocal range is incredibly versatile – Dracula can switch from guttural screaming to angelic crooning at the drop of a hat. Lyrically, their music explores dark inner turmoils, providing catharsis to fans who feel misunderstood.

While boldly unconventional, Kim Dracula‘s sound pays homage to influences like Marilyn Manson, Bring Me The Horizon, and Poppy. The raw emotion in Dracula‘s voice draws listeners in, lending credence to their introspective lyrics. It‘s this authenticity that makes their music so compelling.

Viral Fame on Social Media

Kim Dracula‘s breakthrough came in 2020 with a chilling cover of Lady Gaga‘s "Paparazzi" that has amassed over 3 million YouTube views. The video showcased Dracula‘s vocal range and established them as a rising star. Dracula‘s original single "Living Dead" peaked at #6 on Spotify‘s Punk Rock chart the same year. Their growing fanbase, dubbed "Creatures of the Night", awaited each new release with bated breath.

TikTok and Instagram served as launchpads for Kim Dracula‘s career, where creative visuals meshed with audio snippets to share their music. Engaging with fans through live streams and Q&As allowed Dracula‘s charming personality to shine through. Now boasting over 800k TikTok followers, Dracula has become Australia‘s 4th most popular musician on the platform.

Collaborations and What‘s Next

As Kim Dracula‘s mystique and musical prowess continue garnering attention, they‘ve been sought out for a number of collaborations by major players in the alternative scene. A 2021 team-up with SosMula on the single "Vinny Rotten" introduced Kim Dracula to a new audience. Their soaring vocals added lightweight buoyancy to the track‘s gritty drill-style instrumentals.

Kim Dracula also lent their pipes to the contemplative ballad "The Bard‘s Last Note" by synthwave producer Rick Desktop. The pair performed the song live during Desktop‘s 2022 tour; Dracula‘s otherworldly stage presence was a hit with crowds. With even more new partnerships and original tracks in the works, there‘s no telling what Kim Dracula will do next. But one thing‘s for certain – this is only the beginning!