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Kit Harington

Full Name: Christopher Catesby Harington
Age: 36
Birthday: December 26, 1986
Birthplace: England
Instagram: @kitharingtonig
Twitter: @Kitharingtonig

Early Life and Background

Harington was born in London to an accomplished family of creatives. His father worked in business, but his mother was a playwright. Harington‘s maternal great-grandfather was a prominent physician. With parents and grandparents active in the arts, it seems inevitable that young Christopher would develop a passion for acting!

As a teenager, Harington was heavily involved in his school‘s drama productions. His family later moved to Worcestershire where he graduated from Chantry High School. Harington then studied at the prestigious Central School of Speech and Drama in London – an education that prepared him well for a career on the stage and screen.

Before making it big, Harington worked regular jobs like bartending and retail to get by. He also did some background work as a film extra. But all the while, he was determined to make acting his full-time profession.

Rising to Fame as Jon Snow on Game of Thrones

Harington‘s life changed forever when he landed the career-defining role of Jon Snow on HBO‘s blockbuster series Game of Thrones. When he first auditioned, Harington immediately felt drawn to the complex, conflicted character. He put his heart and soul into the audition, and clearly it paid off!

As a longtime GoT fan, I‘ll never forget watching Jon Snow‘s first scenes and thinking "Who is this brilliant new actor?" Harington made the character leap off the page. His natural charisma and subtle expressiveness allowed him to convey so much about Jon just through a look or gesture.

Over 8 incredible seasons, Harington embodied the role of Jon Snow. His compelling performance turned Jon into arguably the most beloved GoT character. The series became a massive international phenomenon, and Harington‘s star rose right along with it. His nuanced acting earned him dedicated fans and numerous awards nominations. He‘ll forever be remembered for playing the brooding King in the North!

Displaying Versatility in Other Notable Roles

In interviews, Harington has expressed his desire to avoid typecasting after Game of Thrones. Luckily for him, he possesses both the talent and versatility to take on all sorts of new challenges!

Harington‘s first feature film role came in 2014‘s action fantasy flick Pompeii. Though the film got mixed reviews, critics praised Harington‘s performance as the lead. In the animated sequel How to Train Your Dragon 2, Harington demonstrated his vocal skills by voicing the character Eret. But his most critically-acclaimed film role to date came in the WWII drama Testament of Youth. Harington brought nuance and sensitivity to the real-life soldier he portrayed.

On stage, Harington starred in the plays Posh and Doctor Faustus, the latter of which was filmed for television. Based on the stellar work he‘s already done in varied genres, I‘ve no doubt Harington can captivate audiences in any type of role!

Why Fans Adore Kit Harington

As a longtime Kit Harington fan, I can say with certainty he‘s one of the most likable and down-to-earth celebs around. Here‘s some of what makes him so adored:

  • His natural charm and friendly nature
  • His obvious dedication to fully immersing himself in each acting role
  • His sense of humor and fun personality shown in interviews
  • His lack of pretense or ego despite his fame
  • His close friendships with GoT co-stars
  • His intelligence – he‘s well-spoken, thoughtful and creative
  • His smoldering good looks certainly don‘t hurt either!

Harington has proven himself exceptionally talented, yet humble at the same time. It‘s this combination of skills and likeability that makes him such a fan favorite performer. We just adore him!

5 Fun Facts About Kit Harington

  1. His full first name is Christopher, but his family nicknamed him "Kit" at age 11 and it stuck.
  2. He suffered a broken ankle before filming GoT after drunkenly trying to climb railings at a party. It nearly cost him the Jon Snow role!
  3. Harington was childhood friends with his future wife and GoT co-star Rose Leslie before they played love interests on the show.
  4. He is a talented musician who sings, and plays the guitar, piano and flute.
  5. Harington owns an albino Northern Inuit dog, like the Stark‘s direwolves in GoT.

The Next Act for Kit Harington

With Game of Thrones firmly behind him, Harington‘s fans eagerly await his next projects. He seems intent on pursuing more personal, independent films that allow him to stretch as an actor. Harington has also expressed interest in returning to the theater someday to revisit his roots.

No matter the role, I‘ll be first in line to see Kit Harington‘s future performances. His undeniable acting chops, combined with an abundance of charisma, ensure his career will continue rising. I‘m so excited to see what he‘ll take on next!