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Get to Know YouTube Phenomenon Kristen McAtee

Full Name Kristen McAtee
Age 28
Birthday March 28, 1995
Birth Sign Aries
Born United States
YouTube Subscribers 2+ million
Instagram [kristenmcateee](
Twitter [Kristen McAtee](

Kristen McAtee has captivated over 2 million YouTube subscribers with her infectious charm and hilarious comedy sketches. This rising viral sensation inspires fans around the world with her small-town roots, beauty expertise, and motivational story of pursuing her passion.

Kristen McAtee‘s Rise to YouTube Stardom

Kristen first started her YouTube channel in 2014, after dropping out of college to focus on content creation. Her early comedy videos and impersonations quickly went viral, earning millions of views.

Some of her most popular early hits included "Types of People at the Airport" and "When You Work in Retail" – both hilarious commentaries on everyday life that left fans in stitches.

Kristen‘s audience continued growing exponentially. By consistently uploading fun, relatable videos, she developed a loyal fanbase drawn to her down-to-earth Midwestern charm.

In 2019, Kristen‘s channel crossed the coveted 1 million subscriber mark – a dream come true! "The fact that I get to make videos and call this my job is a dream come true," she shared with fans.

Today, Kristen has over 1.67 million loyal subscribers and counting. With weekly sketch comedy videos and beauty tutorials, she continues charming audiences around the world.

Notable Videos and Series

Here are some of Kristen‘s most popular videos that longtime fans will remember:

  • Weird Things All Girls Do (12M views): Hilarious impressions of getting ready, applying makeup, and girl struggles.
  • Full Face Using Only Kids Makeup (8.5M views): Testing out children‘s makeup products with funny reactions.
  • I Dyed My Hair Purple (6.2M views): Vlog documenting Kristen dying her hair a new vibrant purple color.
  • Doing My Mom‘s Makeup (4M views): Kristen surprises her mom with a makeup makeover.
  • Testing Weird Beauty Hacks (3M views): Trying odd Instagram beauty trends like using potatoes to apply eyeliner.

Kristen also has recurring video series like "Testing Viral TikTok Gadgets" and "Spot the Fake Brands" that keep fans laughing and engaged.

Launching Her Cosmetics Empire

In 2020, Kristen leveraged her YouTube beauty expertise to launch her own makeup brand – Kristen Cosmetics.

The collection includes lip oils, highlights, lip glosses and false eyelashes. Top sellers like her Glossy Lip Oil often completely sell out within minutes during restocks.

Kristen promotes the brand through tutorials and reviews on her channel. She also models the products in her Instagram photos, further building hype around new launches.

For Kristen, starting her own cosmetics line was a lifelong dream come true. Her brand has been a huge success thanks to her marketing savvy and connection with fans.

Why Fans Adore Kristen McAtee

What is it about Kristen that attracts millions of subscribers? Here‘s why fans like me love her:

  • Hilarious impressions – Kristen nails celebrity impersonations and character sketches.
  • Relatable personality – She‘s the funny best friend we all wish we had!
  • Small town roots – Her Midwest charm makes her extremely down-to-earth.
  • Beauty expertise – She shares makeup tips that actually work for everyday people.
  • Inspirational story – Kristen motivates fans to follow their dreams like she did.

Kristen‘s meteoric rise from small town girl to YouTube celebrity phenom is both aspirational and highly entertaining. She truly loves connecting with fans, and her vibrant personality radiates through every video.

It‘s been amazing following Kristen‘s journey over the years. With her superstar charisma and millions of adoring fans, I can‘t wait to see what she accomplishes next!