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Kristen Wiig

Brief Profile

Full Name Kristen Carroll Wiig
Birthday August 22, 1973
Birth Place Canandaigua, New York, United States
Age 49 years old
Height 5‘ 5" (1.65 m)
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth $25 million
Social Media Twitter, Instagram

Kristen Carroll Wiig is an American actress, comedian, screenwriter and producer best known for her role on Saturday Night Live (2005-2012). With her hilarious characters, spot-on impressions, and sharp wit, Wiig has become one of the most beloved comedic actresses of her generation.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Born in rural upstate New York, Kristen Wiig and her older brother were raised by their mother after their parents divorced when she was just nine years old. As a shy kid who loved to mimic voices and make up skits with her brother, Wiig showed early signs of her future comedic brilliance.

After studying art in college, Wiig moved to Los Angeles in 1997 to pursue acting. She worked odd jobs and eventually landed roles in commercials and the popular Spike TV show The Joe Schmo Show.

Wiig later joined LA‘s famed improv comedy troupe The Groundlings, where she trained for seven years honing the improvisation and character acting skills that became her trademark. Fellow Groundlings Ana Gasteyer and Will Ferrell recognized Wiig‘s talents and suggested she audition for a new show they had joined called Saturday Night Live.

Saturday Night Live Fame

Wiig debuted on SNL in 2005, becoming one of the show‘s few female cast members. She quickly made her mark with wildly eccentric characters like the frizzy-haired gossip blogger Penelope, the shaky-handed one-upper Doonese, and the cackling, armpit-sniffing Aunt Linda.

Wiig‘s hilarious impressions included Drew Barrymore, Nancy Pelosi, Suze Orman, and Kathie Lee Gifford. She helped SNL return to form in the late 2000s with her willingness to make herself look ridiculous for a laugh.

"She was a workhorse and people recognized that. It’s the kind of grit she possesses that makes someone successful on the show. She’s up for anything and that’s what it takes." – SNL producer Ken Aymong on Wiig

Wiig received four Emmy nominations for her work on SNL, winning in 2009 for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. She also received two nominations for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics for her musical skits.

Movie Career

Wiig‘s breakout film role came in 2011 when she co-wrote and starred in Bridesmaids with fellow SNL alum Maya Rudolph. As insecure maid of honor Annie, Wiig displayed her dramatic acting chops while delivering plenty of wickedly funny lines and hilarious slapstick.

Bridesmaids became a massive box office hit and earned Wiig Golden Globe and Oscar nominations for Best Original Screenplay. It paved the way for more R-rated female-led comedies.

Wiig went on to star in a string of comedy hits like Girl Most Likely (2012), The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013), Ghostbusters (2016), and Downsizing (2017). She also impressed critics with her subtle, nuanced acting in indie dramas like The Skeleton Twins (2014) and The Diary of a Teenage Girl (2015), earning a Golden Globe nomination for the former.

Recent Projects

Wiig continues to balance big studio comedies with quieter indie films that showcase her acting range.

In 2019, she starred opposite Alia Shawkat in the TBS sitcom Damsels and appeared in the drama Where‘d You Go, Bernadette. She also reunited with Maya Rudolph for the wine country comedy film Wine Country.

In 2020, Wiig co-wrote and starred in the absurdist comedy Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar with her Bridesmaids writing partner Annie Mumolo.

Upcoming projects for Wiig include voicing characters in the animated films The Willoughbys 2 and Despicable Me 4. She‘s also set to appear opposite Woody Harrelson in the HBO Max murder mystery series The White House Plumbers.

Why We Love Kristen Wiig

Wiig manages to bring an endearing warmth and vulnerability to every oddball misfit she inhabits. As she told NPR:

"I‘ve always been attracted to the kind of person that maybe needs a little bit of help. People that are maybe just quite not there."

Though often cast as the insecure friend or downtrodden underdog, Wiig radiates a relatable likability on-screen. She comes across as humble and gracious in real life too, maintaining a low-key lifestyle away from cameras.

With her willingness to make herself appear ridiculous, awkward or even downright disgusting for a laugh, Wiig broke new ground for female comedians. She proved that women can be just as raunchy and hysterical as men.

Master of Impressions

A gifted mimic, Wiig amused SNL audiences with spot-on impressions of celebrities like Drew Barrymore, Kathie Lee Gifford, Bjork, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and Madonna.

Her impersonation skills were on full display in the recurring SNL sketch The Lawrence Welk Show in which Wiig portrayed Dooneese, a girl with teeny, tiny hands who sang and warbled amusingly.

As SNL castmate Bill Hader remarked:

"She’s one of the best impressionists I’ve ever seen, male or female. She blew me away with her skill."

Writing Her Own Films

In addition to acting, Wiig has proven herself to be an talented screenwriter. She earned an Oscar nod co-writing 2011‘s Bridesmaids with Annie Mumolo. The two friends also co-wrote 2020‘s Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar.

Wiig explained her appeal as a writer:

"I like writing about women, writing from a woman‘s perspective. I feel like a lot of female characters in the past have been known for being really cute or being sassy or being tough. And I think every woman has a little darkness in her and a little vulnerability and so I like to tap into that a little bit more."

Giving Back to the Comedy Community

Despite her massive success, Wiig remains dedicated to supporting up-and-coming comedians.

She regularly performs at benefits for non-profits like the Natural Resources Defense Council and Planned Parenthood.

Wiig also teaches master classes at The Groundlings to pass on improv tips and motivation to the next generation. As she told Backstage magazine:

"I love talking about comedy and explaining my theories on it…Hopefully I’m helping them to feel like this is something that is obtainable."

5 Interesting Facts About Kristen Wiig

  • Got her start performing in empty grocery stores as a Groundlings student
  • Worked odd jobs like floral designing and maid service between acting gigs
  • Owns over 40 wigs she‘s worn for various SNL characters
  • Based her Bridesmaids character Annie on a female version of herself
  • Earned a 2013 Oscar nomination for co-writing Bridesmaids with Annie Mumolo

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Kristen Wiig‘s birthday?

Kristen Wiig was born on August 22, 1973. She is currently 49 years old.

What is Kristen Wiig‘s net worth?

According to multiple reports, Kristen Wiig‘s net worth is estimated to be around $25 million. The majority of her wealth comes from her successful comedy acting career in both film and television.

Is Kristen Wiig married?

No, Kristen Wiig is not currently married. She was in a relationship with actor and filmmaker Fabrizio Moretti for 18 months before they broke up in 2013. Wiig tends to keep her romantic relationships private.

How tall is Kristen Wiig?

Kristen Wiig is 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 m) tall.

What was Kristen Wiig‘s first movie role?

Kristen Wiig‘s first movie role was a minor uncredited part as a nurse in the 2003 film Melvin Goes to Dinner. Her first credited role was in the 2005 Christina Applegate comedy The Sweetest Thing.