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Landon McBroom: YouTube Icon and Online Sensation

Full Name Landon McBroom
Age 27
Birthday September 26, 1996
Birth Place United States
Height 5‘ 8"
Net Worth $1.5 million
Instagram landonmcbroom_ (2M followers)
YouTube Landon McBroom (1.6M subscribers)
TikTok @.landonmcbroom (4.5M followers)
Twitter @landonmcbroom_ (166K followers)


Landon McBroom (b. 1996) is an internet celebrity known for starring in the YouTube channel ‘THIS IS L&S‘ with his ex-girlfriend from 2017-2021. With his goofy sense of humor and affable onscreen charm, Landon has amassed over 3.4 million YouTube subscribers and millions more followers on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and beyond.

Rise to YouTube Stardom

Landon launched his YouTube channel in 2014, garnering popularity with funny videos, diss tracks and collab challenges. But his career really took off in 2017 when he created a joint channel called "This is L&S" with then-girlfriend Shyla Walker.

The channel featured hilarious pranks on each other, engaging storytimes, relatable vlogs and fun challenge videos. Some of their most viral hits included smashing phones, reading thirst tweets, doing the girlfriend tag and destroying each others‘ possessions as pranks.

At its peak, This is L&S gained over 800 million total video views. Even after his messy breakup with Shyla in 2021, Landon continues successfully creating content on his personal channel.

Controversies and Relationships

Landon has been involved in public feuds with fellow YouTubers like RiceGum and Jake Paul. More infamously, his dramatic breakup from Shyla Walker played out on social media amidst cheating allegations and claims of toxicity.

However, Landon remains better known for his lighthearted content and close connections with friends like the Dobre twins and James Charles.

Why Fans Adore Landon

Here are some of the reasons Landon McBroom is so beloved by his audience:

  • Relatable, energetic personality
  • Hilarious pranks and challenges
  • Vulnerable storytimes about his life experiences
  • Expertly taps into popular YouTube trends
  • Interacts regularly with fans on all platforms
  • Known for positive content against “toxic” YouTuber stereotypes

Landon‘s videos are always entertaining, engaging and bring joy to his millions of dedicated fans.

Key Moments and Achievements

  • 2014: Created his original YouTube channel
  • 2016: Hit 1 million subscribers
  • 2017: Launched his viral joint channel This is L&S
  • 2018: Featured in YouTube Rewind
  • 2021: Announced split from girlfriend Shyla
  • 2022: Continues successful solo YouTube career

5 Fun Facts About Landon

  1. Big basketball fan and player
  2. Has two pet dogs named Max and Rosey
  3. Passionate about rap music and released songs
  4. Zodiac sign is Libra
  5. Dreamed of becoming a pro basketball player

Landon McBroom has crafted an impressive career as a YouTube trailblazer and influencer. With his hilarious personality shining through in every video, it‘s easy to see why fans can‘t get enough of him!