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LaurDIY: YouTube‘s DIY Queen

Full Name Lauren Riihimaki
Age 30
Birthday August 11, 1993
Relationship Status Dating YouTuber Alex Burriss
Height 5‘ 4"
Net Worth ~$6 million

Social Profiles

LaurDIY, real name Lauren Riihimaki, is a Canadian YouTuber, entrepreneur, and content creator who is well-known for her DIY, lifestyle, and home decor videos. With over 9 million subscribers across her channels, she has inspired millions with her creativity.

Overview of Early Life

Born on August 11, 1993 in Canada, LaurDIY expressed creativity from a young age through sewing, crafting, and art projects. In high school, she taught herself how to transform thrift store finds into stylish outfits, which later became the basis for her YouTube channel.

Road to YouTube Stardom

LaurDIY started her channel in 2010, filming DIY tutorials and refashion videos in her bedroom at her parents‘ house. Her fun personality and skill for turning basic supplies into beautiful accessories quickly gained a following.

Within a few years, hits like her handmade jewelry collection and remaking old t-shirts attracted millions of views. By 2013, she had reached 500,000 subscribers and quit college to pursue YouTube full-time.

LaurDIY‘s Wide-Ranging Content and Appeal

Today, LaurDIY has expanded her content beyond crafts to lifestyle vlogs, home decor, cooking, challenges and more. She publishes near-daily videos across her channels to over 11 million subscribers.

Fans love her for her constant creativity, whether she‘s designing furniture from scratch, reviewing beauty products, or testing viral recipes. She combines information with intimate vlogs that feel like a conversation with a friend.

LaurDIY also uses her platform for good – raising money for various charities and promoting body positivity and confidence in being yourself. This genuine spirit resonates and makes her one of YouTube‘s most influential women.

From teens trying their first DIY projects to adults looking for home decor inspiration, LaurDIY‘s imagination and skill truly have universal appeal. She reminds us all to let our creativity shine!

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