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Lee Know – Talented K-Pop Star of Stray Kids

Full Name Lee Min-ho
Stage Name Lee Know
Birthday October 25, 1998
Age 24 years old
Height 1.72 m
Net Worth $3 million USD
Social Media Instagram, TikTok

Lee Know is a talented pop singer, dancer and songwriter gaining immense popularity in Korea & Japan as a member of the K-pop boy band Stray Kids. With his sharp dance skills, soulful vocals and infectious energy, Lee Know has emerged as a standout talent within the group.

Early Life & Training

Born on October 25, 1998 in Gimpo, South Korea, Lee Know (birth name Lee Min-ho) became drawn to dance and music at a young age. He studied a diverse array of dance styles growing up, including ballet, hip-hop and traditional Korean dance. This built an extremely versatile technical foundation.

In 2013, a 15-year-old Lee Know auditioned for JYP Entertainment, one of the "Big 3" K-pop labels. The judges immediately noticed his raw talent, and Lee Know began training rigorously as a trainee. He practiced singing, rapping, and dance up to 8 hours a day leading up to his debut.

Meteoric Rise with Stray Kids

After just one year as a trainee, Lee Know debuted as a member of Stray Kids, formed through the 2017 survival show of the same name. Lee Know impressed viewers with his sharp moves and stage charisma during the competition.

Stray Kids‘ debut EP Mixtape sold over 54,000 copies within the first week. Lee Know quickly gained attention for his smooth body rolls and precise isolations during live stages of the viral hit "District 9."

Over the next few years, Stray Kids ascended to K-pop stardom with tracks like "My Pace," "God‘s Menu" and "Back Door." They have released 3 studio albums and 5 EPs, selling over 4.5 million albums globally.
Lee Know Performing

Reputation as Humble, Caring Idol

Despite his fame, Lee Know is remarkably grounded. He is known for being gentle, humble and attentive to others. As bandmate Han said, "Lee Know is a very kind person who listens well to people and thinks about them."

His warm personality is evident in interviews and variety show appearances. Lee Know tells dad jokes, makes sure everyone is included, and treats staff with utmost respect. He frequently expresses gratitude for his members, company, and fans.

According to fans, Lee Know truly cares about bringing joy to STAYs. At fan meetings, he takes time to speak with each person and make them feel welcomed.

Fun Facts & Hidden Talents

Beyond his obvious performance skills, Lee Know has some surprising fun facts and talents:

  • He wanted the stage name "Lee Know" to avoid confusion with the popular actor Lee Min-ho
  • Lee Know has two pet cats named Soonie and Doongie
  • He enjoys anime, video games, and shopping for streetwear in his free time
  • Lee Know speaks basic Japanese and English in addition to Korean
  • He produced the song "Red Lights" for Hyunjin on SKZ-Record
  • Lee Know can play guitar and drums decently despite not being a lead vocalist
  • He has a quirky sense of humor and often makes puns

Lee Know may be a K-pop sensation, but he remains a humble, caring person at heart. His mesmerizing talent and grounded personality have earned him the admiration of fans across the globe. As both an individual artist and valued member of Stray Kids, there are surely more amazing things to come from Lee Know!