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K-Pop Star Lee Sung-jong

Profile Overview

Name: Lee Sung-jong

Stage Name: Sungjong

Birthday: September 3, 1993 (Age: 30)

Birth Place: Gwangju, South Korea

Height: 181 cm

Blood Type: B

Role: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Visual

Groups: Infinite (2010-present), Infinite F (2014-present)

Social Media:

As a long-time Inspirit, I‘ve had the pleasure of watching Sung-jong grow from a shy rookie into a versatile K-pop icon. After a decade in the industry, he has proven himself as one of the most talented idols out there. Let‘s dive into his impressive career!

Humble Beginnings

Sung-jong‘s journey began when he auditioned for Woollim Entertainment in 2008 at the young age of 15. With his beautiful voice and natural dance abilities, he began training diligently in vocals, dance, acting, and languages. Sung-jong trained for two years, perfecting his skills and shaping himself into a potential idol.

Even as a rookie, his vocal color stood out. Sung-jong had a uniquely sweet and smooth tone unlike any other trainee. It was evident that this young boy had raw talent that set him apart.

Debut and Rising Popularity

After two years of intensive training, Sung-jong finally made his idol debut in 2010 as the maknae of the 7-member group Infinite. Though one of the younger members, he immediately caught my attention with his emo-pop stylings and innocent charms.

Sung-jong‘s smooth vocals added a stand-out texture to Infinite‘s tracks. He sang mesmerizing lead parts in songs like "She‘s Back," "Can U Smile," and "Real Story." Over their early albums, you could hear his voice maturing as he gained more confidence.

Infinite skyrocketed in popularity with hits like "Be Mine," "The Chaser," and "Man in Love." Fans, including myself, increasingly appreciated Sung-jong‘s sweet personality and cute looks on variety shows. He truly blossomed into a beloved idol.

Budding Actor

As early as 2011, Sung-jong showcased his acting abilities by playing a young version of Siwon‘s character in Poseidon. In 2012, he landed his first lead drama role in Reply 1997, portraying a high schooler. I was blown away by his emotional range!

Sung-jong continued to impress in dramas like Master‘s Sun and My Lovely Girl. On screen, he portrayed characters so convincingly. Like his idol skills, his acting was a natural talent that he worked hard to perfect.

Solo Debut

In 2015, Sung-jong finally made his solo debut with the heartfelt ballad "Following Me," allowing his beautiful vocals to shine. His debut solo single "Daydream" topped the charts soon after. As a fan, I was incredibly proud to see him succeeding independently too!

In 2016, he released his first solo EP 27 and held solo fan meetings across Asia. Getting to see Sung-jong perform live on his own was an unforgettable experience. His stellar vocals and sweet personality filled the stage.

Ongoing Group Promotions

Despite his solo ventures, Sung-jong remained a steadfast member of Infinite. He participated in all of their domestic and international tours, promoting each comeback together. In 2018, he was appointed the new leader of the group – evidence of how much he had grown!

10 years later, Sung-jong is still promoting new music with Infinite. Their latest release, their 10th anniversary album, showed how seamlessly this veteran idol can pull off any concept. His vocals have never sounded better after a decade of experience.

Variety Show Star

Sung-jong‘s bright personality also shined through on variety shows like MasterChef Korea Celebrity and Infinite Showtime. He showcased his cooking skills and playful sense of humor that complemented his idol talents.

In shows like Infinite Vacation, fans got to see behind-the-scenes footage of Sung-jong‘s everyday life. As a long-time fan, these variety stints made me feel closer to him and appreciate his charm.

Legacy as an Idol

Having followed Sung-jong for over 10 magnificent years, I‘ve witnessed him grow from a rookie idol into a consummate entertainer. Though he started off as the cute maknae, he can now take on any concept flawlessly with his skills.

Sung-jong is renowned for his smooth vocals, dance talent, and charisma. After a decade in the spotlight, he shines brighter than ever. I can‘t wait to see what the future has in store for this seasoned yet youthful star!