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Lottie Tomlinson: Model, Influencer, and Beauty Mogul

Full Name Charlotte Elizabeth Tomlinson
Birthday August 4, 1998
Hometown Doncaster, England
Occupation Model, Influencer, Entrepreneur
Social Media Instagram

As a long-time fan of Lottie Tomlinson, I‘ve loved watching her grow from aspiring teen model to successful businesswoman and influencer. Here‘s a closer look at her journey so far!

Early Life and Family

Lottie was born in Doncaster, England in 1998 as the younger sister of One Direction‘s Louis Tomlinson. She has always been incredibly close with Louis and her other siblings including older sister Félicité, who was also a model.

Unfortunately, the Tomlinson family experienced the tragic loss of their mother Johannah to leukemia in 2016. This bonded the siblings even tighter, with Lottie calling them her "best friends."

Modeling Career Takes Off

Lottie started modeling in her teens, following Félicité‘s lead. She made her runway debut at just 17 walking for Incision during London Fashion Week.

Her career really took off after appearing on the cover of Notion magazine in August 2017. She soon walked runways for major designers like Tommy Hilfiger and shot ads for Calvin Klein, Adidas, and more top brands.

Some of my personal favorite modeling moments were…

Entrepreneurial Success with Tanologist

In 2018, Lottie founded the self-tanning brand Tanologist at just 20 years old. She used her expertise as a model and influencer to create premium tanning products that give flawless, natural-looking color.

The brand was an immediate success with rave reviews. Lottie‘s proprietary tanning formula and inclusive vision disrupted the industry. Tanologist is now sold all across the UK and has become a staple in every beauty lover‘s routine.

Philanthropic Efforts

Lottie uses her platform for good by supporting various mental health and children‘s charities. As an ambassador for CALM, she helps tackle the issue of male suicide. She also auctioned one of her paintings to raise money for a children‘s hospice after losing her own mother.

What‘s Next for Lottie?

At just 24, her future looks brighter than ever. I can‘t wait to see Lottie continue to succeed as an entrepreneur and inspire others to proudly embrace their natural beauty. One thing is for sure – she has so much more yet to achieve!