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Maggie Rogers

Full Name Margaret Debay Rogers
Age 29
Birthday April 25, 1994
Relationship Status Single
Height 5‘ 8"
Net Worth $3 million
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

As a longtime Maggie Rogers fan, I‘m so excited to provide this in-depth look at her background and meteoric rise to indie folk stardom. Maggie first captured the public‘s attention in 2016 with her viral hit "Alaska," but her talents span so much further. Let‘s dig into the life and music of this inspiring artist!

Early Life and Education

Margaret Debay Rogers was born on April 25, 1994 and grew up on a farm in Easton, Maryland. Even as a young girl, her parents introduced her to legendary folk artists like Joni Mitchell, inspiring Maggie‘s own songwriting instincts. She started writing songs and playing guitar and banjo as a teenager.

After graduating high school, Maggie headed to New York University‘s prestigious Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music. This competitive program accepts under 20 students per year, but Maggie‘s immense talent earned her a coveted spot.

Breakthrough Moment

It was during her time at NYU that Maggie wrote and produced "Alaska" for a school assignment. When Pharrell Williams visited campus in 2016 for a masterclass, Maggie was chosen to play him the song. As the viral video shows, Pharrell was brought to tears and absolutely floored by her unique folktronica sound.

Shortly after, Maggie released "Alaska" as a single and it quickly racked up over 20 million Spotify streams. For devoted fans like myself, this was the moment we realized a star had arrived. The track perfectly blends Maggie‘s banjo fingerpicking with textured electronic beats, showcasing her ability to seamlessly fuse folk and electronica.

Debut Album and Grammy Nominations

On the heels of "Alaska‘s" viral success, Maggie released her first EP Now That The Light Is Fading in 2017. Two years later, her incredible full-length debut Heard It In A Past Life arrived, debuting at #2 on the Billboard charts.

Heard It In A Past Life earned Maggie two Grammy nominations for Best New Artist and Best Alternative Music Album. She poured her heart out on tracks like "Light On" and "Past Life," pairing her delicate vocals with lush, layered production. As someone who has listened to this album on repeat, I was so proud to see Maggie‘s work recognized at music‘s biggest night.

Continued Acclaim

In summer 2022, Maggie released her second album Surrender. She expanded on her signature atmospheric folktronica sound with synth-heavy highlights like "That‘s Where I Am" and "Want Want." Surrender cemented Maggie as one of the most creative forces in music today.

Maggie is also renowned for her passionate festival sets, including a 2022 showstopping performance on Glastonbury‘s Pyramid Stage. Seeing thousands of people sing along to "That‘s Where I Am" was a special moment for longtime fans like me.

What‘s Next for Maggie

As Maggie Rogers continues touring and working on new music, I‘m filled with excitement about what‘s to come. Her first two albums were just the beginning for this visionary 29-year-old artist. No doubt Maggie will keep innovating within the folktronica genre and delivering vulnerability-filled lyrics.

As someone who‘s followed Maggie‘s career from those early days playing "Alaska" at NYU, it‘s been magical watching her evolution. Her singular artistic perspective makes Maggie Rogers one of music‘s most promising talents, and I can‘t wait to see the heights she‘ll reach in the years ahead!