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Maisie Williams: The Fierce and Talented Game of Thrones Actress

Full Name Margaret Constance Williams
Birthday April 15, 1997
Age 26
Born Bristol, England
Residence London, England
Net Worth $6 million
Twitter @Maisie_Williams
Instagram @maisie_williams
Facebook MaisieWilliamsOfficial

Maisie Williams is an English actress who rose to fame playing the fierce, fan-favorite character Arya Stark on HBO‘s epic fantasy series Game of Thrones. Born on April 15, 1997 in Bristol, England, Maisie got her start in acting at just 11 years old when she landed the iconic role of Arya at age 14. She quickly became a worldwide sensation and is now an accomplished actress and producer at the young age of 26.

Early Life and Beginnings of an Acting Career

Born Margaret Constance Williams on April 15, 1997 in Bristol, England, Maisie grew up in Clutton, Somerset with her parents and three older siblings. From a young age, she was drawn to musical theatre and took dance classes, but did not have any formal acting training or experience.

At age 11, Maisie convinced her reluctant mother to let her pursue acting. She enrolled in an after-school drama group, and with her mom‘s help shot an audition video that was posted to YouTube. It was through this video that a casting director discovered Maisie and invited her to London to read for the part of Arya Stark.

"When I auditioned for Game of Thrones, they didn‘t know who I was. They just saw a little video of an 11-year-old girl acting, basically in her garden shed." – Maisie Williams

With her fierce spirit and sharp, tomboyish features, the unknown Maisie embodied the character of Arya perfectly and won the coveted role. At just 14 years old, she was thrown into filming the biggest new show on television alongside seasoned actors like Sean Bean and Lena Headey. But the neophyte Maisie quickly proved she could hold her own.

Rapid Rise to Stardom on Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones premiered on HBO in 2011 and quickly became a worldwide phenomenon. As the scrappy, hot-tempered Arya Stark, Maisie Williams stunned critics and audiences with her skill and depth. Over the course of eight seasons, her character goes on an epic hero‘s journey – from spunky young girl to hardened assassin. Maisie brought complexity, courage and heart to Arya‘s transformation, anchored by a subtle emotional vulnerability.

“As Arya, Maisie is simply a phenomenon; she‘s always believable and effortlessly convincing even as the character disappears into new identities." – Lucy Mangan, The Guardian

For her work on the show, Williams earned two Emmy nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actress, winning the award in 2015 at just 18 years old. She also took home the Portal Award for Best Supporting Actress – Television and Best Young Actor at the Saturn Awards in 2015.

"Arya was one of the most complex characters on Game of Thrones, and Maisie portrayed her with such perfection. Her emotional growth and physicality were completely believable.” –

Maisie’s gritty, nuanced performance made Arya a fan favorite and cemented Williams‘ status as one of the most talented young actresses in Hollywood.

Life and Work After Game of Thrones

With Game of Thrones wrapping up in 2019 after 8 incredible seasons, Maisie Williams continues to take on exciting new projects across film, TV, and theater. Eager to show off her versatility, she made her stage debut in 2019 starring in the two-hander play I and You.

She‘s also appeared in several films, including the X-Men horror spinoff The New Mutants (2020) where she played the Scottish mutant Wolfsbane, and the 2020 indie thriller The Owners where she got to tap into a more villainous role. Upcoming projects include the comedy Then Came You, the animated film The South Glade Mission, and Apple‘s 2022 drama series The Requin.

"Maisie continues to prove her incredible range and natural skill as a performer. She disappears completely into these wildly different characters.” – Peter Debruge, Variety

In addition to acting, Williams is co-founder of the creative networking app Daisie which helps young people showcase their talents and collaborate on projects. She was inspired to create the platform after facing challenges establishing herself as a young actress in the industry.

Charity and Activism Work

In addition to her creative endeavors, Maisie Williams uses her platform and voice to support causes important to her. She is an ambassador for Future Girl Corp, a UK organization providing education programs for young girls. She also supports the Toyota 100 Good Deeds initiative promoting acts of kindness, and has been involved with the social media anti-bullying campaign Believe in Magic.

An avid animal lover and vegan, Williams works on behalf of animal rights. She is a spokesperson for Cruelty Free International and has filmed ads for PETA promoting veganism and kindness to animals. In 2020, she launched a new company called Maisie Williams Ltd committed to sustainability and ethical production practices.

Why I Love Maisie Williams

As someone who has eagerly followed Maisie Williams‘ career from the start, there are so many reasons she stands out as a talented actress and role model:

Her authenticity shines through

Even as a rookie 14-year-old actress cast in the biggest new show on TV, there was something instantly relatable and genuine about Maisie. She didn‘t try to be anyone other than her true self, and that authenticity connected with viewers.

She makes every role her own

Whether it‘s Arya, Wolfsbane, or a teen villain, Maisie fully transforms into each character she plays. With both inner courage and vulnerability, she brings heart and humanity to every role.

Her growth as a performer is incredible

Having followed her since Game of Thrones began filming when she was just 14, her natural skill and evolution into a powerful, nuanced actress has been a joy to witness.

She‘s a positive role model

With her talent, humility, vegan activism and business ambitions, Maisie sets a positive example, especially for young girls. She stays true to her values.

Her bond with fans is genuine

Despite her massive fame, she takes time to interact with fans online and in person with warmth and gratitude. She knows she wouldn‘t have a career without their support.

With her exceptional talent, wisdom beyond her years, and good heart, it‘s no wonder Maisie Williams is so beloved by fans like myself. She‘s sure to remain a star to watch for years to come.

5 Fun Facts About Maisie

Beyond her acclaimed acting career, here are some fun personal facts about Maisie Williams that fans might not know:

  • She has been skydiving and loves extreme sports.
  • She was roommates with her on-screen sister Sophie Turner early in filming Game of Thrones.
  • She has a dog named Winnie who frequently appears on her social media.
  • She loves video games and has live streamed playing Fortnite, Among Us, and more.
  • She is close friends with her on-screen nemesis Jack Gleeson who played Joffrey.

The Future Shines Bright for Maisie

Though just 26, Maisie Williams has already accomplished so much. With her portrayal of Arya Stark, she created one of TV‘s most iconic characters and built herself a hugely successful acting career before she was even an adult. However, something tells me this is only the beginning for Maisie.

With her immense talent, creativity, work ethic, and focus, there are surely amazing things ahead for Maisie Williams. She will continue captivating audiences with her honest, emotional acting across all media. She‘s also sure to keep using her platform to uplift other young artists and support impactful causes. The future shines exceedingly bright for the brilliant Maisie Williams.