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Marc D‘Amelio – TikTok Celebrity and Fashion Mogul

Full Name Marc D‘Amelio
Birthday November 1, 1968
Age 54 Years
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Born United States
Spouse Heidi D‘Amelio
Children Charli, Dixie, Chase
Height 5‘ 9"
Net Worth $1.5 million
Social Media TikTok, Instagram, Twitter

Marc D'Amelio
As Marc D‘Amelio‘s longtime fan, I‘ve followed his journey closely right from his fashion entrepreneur days to his recent TikTok fame. Beyond the viral dances and funny videos, Marc is a family man and community leader with some amazing talents and stories as you‘ll find out!

Early Life and Background

Born on November 1, 1968 in Connecticut, Marc D‘Amelio was an active and popular student in Norwalk schools. He attended Norwalk High School where he played football and ran track. Marc graduated in 1986 and went on to study business administration at University of New Haven.

Even in college, Marc had a good fashion sense and eye for style. He began designing t-shirts and selling them locally, foreshadowing his future business ventures.

Founding Madsoul and Level 4

In 2000, Marc founded Madsoul – a clothing brand offering casual graphic apparel for men, women and kids. The comapny gained popularity for its stylish t-shirts, hoodies and accessories like bags and hats. From a small start-up, Madsoul grew into a successful fashion label over the next two decades.

Marc launched his second fashion venture Level 4 in 2018 – an exclusive showroom featuring various high-end designer collections all under one roof. This uber-stylish retail destination is located in Connecticut.

When Marc started Madsoul in 2000 with just $700, little did he know it would one day grow into a thriving clothing empire.

Father-Daughter TikTok Sensations

Marc joined TikTok in late 2019 when his daughter Charli‘s dancing videos started going viral. What started as fun family bonding time over dance challenges exploded into social media stardom for the D‘Amelios.

Some of Marc‘s most popular TikToks with over 50 million views include the choreography videos and their funny rendition of the popular Wipe It Down trend.
Marc and Charli
Marc‘s natural goofiness combined with his genuine sweet bond with his daughters Charli and Dixie makes their TikTok videos a complete entertainment package!

Giving Back to the Community

Despite his busy schedule, Marc actively participates in community initiatives in his hometown Norwalk. He served on the Parents Leadership Training Institute to empower parent engagement in schools. For over a decade, Marc has been dedicated to supporting youth programs in Norwalk by serving on boards of schools like Marvin Elementary.

The D‘Amelio family are also recognized for their charitable efforts supporting various foundations through Givling app donations. Their generosity has helped causes like the American Cancer Society, Red Nose Day, Pencils of Promise and more.

Fun Facts About Marc

  • Marc‘s favorite hobbies include swimming, hiking, yoga, playing guitar and traveling.
  • His favorite travel destination is Aspen, Colorado where the family often vacations.
  • In college, Marc was in a band called Island Sunset along with friends.
  • Marc loves watching thriller and mystery movies especially on Netflix.
  • Despite his on-screen goofiness, Marc is actually quite shy and introverted in person.

Marc D‘Amelio: Fashion Mogul, Family Man and TikTok Celebrity

Marc D‘Amelio‘s illustrious career and homegrown fame makes him one of social media‘s most beloved personalities. I feel lucky to have witnessed Marc‘s journey from his early entrepreneur days to becoming a TikTok superstar. But he still remains grounded and true to his roots which makes me respect Marc even more. The future looks bright for this doting father and proven businessman!