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Mason Ramsey – The Viral Yodeling Sensation Turned Budding Country Star

Full Name Mason Ramsey
Age 16 years old
Birthday November 16, 2006
Hometown Golconda, Illinois
Genres Country, Yodeling
First Viral Video March 2018
Net Worth $1 million (estimated)
Social Profiles Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube

In March 2018, 11-year-old Mason Ramsey took the internet by storm when a video of him yodeling Hank Williams‘ "Lovesick Blues" in a Harrisburg Walmart went viral. His powerful voice and earnest country singing captured millions of hearts and kickstarted his journey to stardom.

Now 16, the small-town Illinois native has grown into a blossoming country music sensation with a promising career. Ramsey has released EPs and singles, toured with country stars, and performed his yodeling on national TV. Let‘s dive into the sensational story of Mason Ramsey!

Early Life and Discovery of His Musical Talent

Mason Lee Ramsey was born on November 16, 2006 in Golconda, Illinois, a tiny rural town with under 700 residents. His grandfather raised him on classic country music, and realized Mason‘s vocal talent early on.

At just 3 years old, Mason began singing along perfectly to a Hank Williams CD in his grandpa‘s car. Soon after, his grandpa started teaching Mason to yodel.

Ramsey landed his first paid singing gig at age 9, performing at a local restaurant. By 10, he was entering and winning regional yodeling competitions. Mason‘s local celebrity status led to appearances at fairs, festivals and charity events around southern Illinois.

Despite his talent, the humble country boy remained focused on school, 4H, farming, and living a normal small-town life. That all changed with one fateful visit to Walmart.

From Viral Video to Country Music Star

On March 24, 2018, Mason Ramsey was recorded singing in a Harrisburg Walmart by shopper Mike Haley, who posted the video to Facebook. Ramsey‘s powerful vocals and traditional country style captivated viewers, quickly amassing millions of views.

"Overnight he went from being a very talented local performer to being a worldwide celebrity," said Golconda mayor Mike Sisk.

Soon Ramsey appeared on Ellen, Good Morning America, and other major TV shows. His cover of "Lovesick Blues" hit #56 on Billboard‘s Hot Country chart. He got to perform at Coachella and stagecoach festivals.

With newfound fame, record labels came calling. Ramsey signed with Atlantic Records and Big Loud, releasing his debut single "Famous" in May 2018. His 4-song EP "Famous" followed in July, including originals and covers of Hank Williams and Randy Travis. It peaked at #7 on Billboard‘s Top Country Albums chart.

Since his viral launch, Ramsey has opened for Florida Georgia Line, released popular singles like "Twang" and "Yodeling Kid," and performed everywhere from the Grand Ole Opry to MLB games. He‘s also appeared in TV ads, launched merchandise, and accrued over 11 million social media followers.

Ramsey‘s Distinctive Musical Style

Fans are drawn to Ramsey for his prodigious vocal abilities and throwback country style. His strengths include:

  • Powerful yodeling – Mason has the skills of an old-time yodeling virtuoso like Hank Williams. His pitch-perfect, warbling yodels captivate listeners.
  • Smooth vocals – Aside from yodeling, Mason possesses an incredibly mature, pure country voice with impressive range.
  • Traditional sensibilities – He embraces the classic country and western styles of the 40s-60s.
  • Soulful delivery – Mason sings with raw emotion and incredible heart for his young age.

While gifted with a vintage sound, Ramsey keeps up with modern, upbeat country sensibilities. His original songs incorporate today‘s country pop influences. This allows Mason to bridge the past with the present in a fresh way.

Fun Facts About the Country Crooner

There‘s so much to love about Mason Ramsey. Here are some fun facts that make the yodeling sensation so darn likeable:

  • His first performance was at age 2, singing "Jingle Bells" for his family.
  • Mason can yodel in the key of G sharp – an incredibly difficult key to yodel in.
  • He‘s an avid outdoorsman who loves fishing, baseball and riding four-wheelers in his free time.
  • Mason bought himself a Ford F-150 pickup truck after his debut EP success.
  • He‘s proficient in playing guitar and keyboard to accompany his singing.
  • Mason is passionate about keeping traditional country music alive.

Talented yet down-to-earth, Ramsey retains the genuineness and charm of his small-town upbringing even as his star rises. He‘s always a delight in interviews, interacting with fans, and on social media.

Ramsey‘s Net Worth and Future

According to estimates, Mason Ramsey has accrued an impressive net worth of around $1 million as of 2023. Sources of his income include:

  • Record deals with Atlantic and Big Loud Records
  • Proceeds from singles and EP sales
  • Touring and live performance fees
  • Merchandise revenue
  • Brand sponsorships and partnerships
  • Appearance and licensing fees

As Mason Ramsey continues honing his musical skills and growing his fanbase, his net worth is sure to steadily increase over time.

Just 16, the future shines bright for the viral sensation turned country star. We can expect a full album, more radio hits, new collaborations, and hopefully an extensive headlining tour soon. No matter what, Ramsey‘s millions of fans worldwide will support him every yodel of the way!