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Get to Know YouTube Sensation Matthew Espinosa

Full Name Matthew Lee Espinosa
Birthday July 7, 1997 (age 25)
Hometown Woodbridge, Virginia
Occupation YouTuber, Actor, Social Media Influencer
YouTube Subscribers 2.5 million
Instagram Followers 3.1 million
Twitter Followers 1.3 million
Notable Roles Max in "Alexander Supertramp" off-Broadway (2016)
Relationships Single
Net Worth $3 million
Websites YouTube /
Instagram /

As a long-time fan, I‘ve loved watching Matthew‘s journey from small-town teenager making silly Vines to bonafide YouTube sensation and actor! Here‘s an in-depth look at this talented entertainer‘s background and meteoric rise to fame.

Early Life and Childhood

Matthew grew up in the quiet suburb of Woodbridge, Virginia alongside two younger brothers, Jake and Ryan. He was athletically gifted from a young age, playing soccer, baseball, and basketball. But his first love was performing. Matthew competed in school talent shows, acted in community theater, and took jazz, hip-hop, and tap dance lessons for over 10 years.

In high school, shy Matthew broke out of his shell through making funny videos. At just 15, he began amassing millions of loops on Vine, kickstarting his entertainment career.

Rise to YouTube Stardom

After relocating to LA in 2015, Matthew‘s charismatic personality and boyish good looks made him a YouTube sensation seemingly overnight. By 2016, he had accumulated over 2 billion YouTube views and gained over 500,000 subscribers in one month alone.

Some of his most viral hits include dramatic readings of hate comments, the whisper challenge with other stars, and hilarious celebrity impersonations. Matthew collaborated with the Magcon Boys like Cameron Dallas, creating pop culture moments like their famous "Damn Daniel" parodies.

Acting Pursuits

In 2016, Matthew starred as the lead role of Max in an off-Broadway production called "Alexander Supertramp." His theatrical debut earned strong reviews, with critics praising his stage presence and chemistry with fans.

Matthew has since landed roles in short films like T@gged, Disposable Teens, and the 2018 Netflix movie The Outsider. He continues to attend auditions, eager to prove himself as an actor.

Other Endeavors

When he‘s not posting YouTube videos or acting, Matthew stays busy with brand partnerships, merch lines, and other business ventures. He‘s worked with major brands like Coca-Cola, Dunkin‘ Donuts, and Calvin Klein.

Matthew also founded the athleisure clothing line Just10, featuring comfy hoodies, joggers, and tees. The brand celebrates his loyal fanbase, aka the "Just10s."

Personality and Interests

Despite his fame, Matthew remains remarkably down-to-earth and grounded. He loves playing basketball, skateboarding, dancing, and hanging out with friends and family. He has a quirky sense of humor and doesn‘t take himself too seriously.

Matthew avoids drama or scandal, instead using his platform to inspire fans to follow their dreams. His perseverance is motivating and his integrity admirable. It‘s easy to see why so many look up to this humble, funny, kind-hearted creator!