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Our Favorite Yukon Vet: The Incredible Dr. Michelle Oakley

As a long-time fan, I‘m thrilled to introduce the talented Dr. Michelle Oakley! Here‘s a quick look at this incredible woman:

Full Name: Michelle Oakley
Age: 54
Birthday: September 16, 1969
Birthplace: Munster, Indiana
Alma Mater: Atlantic Veterinary College, University of Prince Edward Island
Career: Veterinarian, Reality TV Star, Wildlife Biologist, Conservationist
Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube

Early Life Fueling Her Passion

Born in Indiana in 1969, Michelle spent her childhood immersed in nature, developing a passion for caring for animals. I can just imagine little Michelle exploring the woods and creeks around her home, stopping to aid every creature in need along the way!

Michelle has fond memories of visiting her uncle‘s dairy farm, where she loved bonding with the horses and cattle.Neighbors knew of her special way with animals and would bring her injured wildlife to rehabilitate. To me, these early experiences nurtured the gifts that make Michelle the amazing vet she is today.

Pursuing Her Calling

Michelle‘s veterinary journey began at Purdue University, where she earned her bachelor‘s in zoology in 1991. She then achieved her lifelong dream when she graduated with her DVM from the Atlantic Veterinary College in 2000.

What dedication it must have taken to complete her degree while raising two young daughters! But with the encouragement of mentors like Dr. Jeanne Lofstedt, Michelle persevered. She is an inspiration to women pursuing their passions in male-dominated fields.

Caring for the Creatures of the Yukon

Armed with her expertise, Michelle moved to the Yukon in 2001. She initially worked as a vet and biologist for the Yukon Department of Environment. then opened her own private practice in 2002 – becoming the only vet for hundreds of miles.

Michelle quickly demonstrated her talent and passion caring for the pets, livestock, and wildlife of this rugged northern region. Her tireless devotion and skill treating such a diverse caseload prepared her for the amazing television opportunity to come.

Rising to Reality TV Stardom

Michelle first showcased her gifts on the documentary series Wild Vets in the early 2000s. This led to her starring role on Nat Geo WILD‘s hit show Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet, premiering in 2014.

I love watching Michelle race to rescue animals in distress, whether by bush plane, helicopter, snowmobile – whatever it takes! No matter how remote the location, she comes through with her trademark compassion and expertise.

With over 90 thrilling episodes aired so far, Michelle has won fans worldwide through this unique window into her daily adventures as a wilderness vet. Her down-to-earth style and uncanny ability to heal all creatures great and small make her a true superstar.

Using Her Platform for Good

Michelle doesn‘t just save animal lives through her televised adventures – she works hard to protect wildlife worldwide. She collaborates with conservation groups across North America, Europe, Sri Lanka, and beyond.

Some highlights include leading critical vaccination programs for Alaskan foxes, promoting eco-tourism in Iceland to preserve arctic fox populations, and working with the Sri Lankan navy to reduce whale strikes. Michelle frequently shares her knowledge lecturing on conservation topics too.

Glimpses Into Her Life and Personality

When not racing around the Yukon, Michelle enjoys quiet times at the home she shares with husband Shane and their daughters Willow, Sierra, and Hannah. The family has three rescued dogs, cats, horses, and chickens too!

Friends describe Michelle as kind, passionate, hard-working, and adventurous. She is a devoted wife and mother. I think her playful sense of humor and caring spirit shine through on screen and off. After following her career for so long, I truly admire Michelle for staying so down-to-earth!

Accolades for an Inspiring Vet

Michelle‘s many honors speak to her contributions:

  • 2019 InStyle Magazine: Named one of 50 women changing the world
  • 2021 Women‘s Image Network Awards: Nominated for Outstanding Actress in a Reality Series
  • 2022 Animal Hero Kids Awards: Wildlife Hero Veterinarian of the Year

With her determination, skill, and heart, I know Michelle will continue to make a difference for animals and people alike. She is a true role model!

Our Favorite Wildlife Vet

For myself and fans worldwide, Dr. Michelle Oakley is more than a television personality. She represents the best of human compassion. Michelle lives out her calling to serve every day, inspiring people and saving lives in the process. That‘s why she will always remain our beloved hero!