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Mike Posner – The Passionate Singer-Songwriter Who Found Fame with "Cooler Than Me"

Full Name: Michael Robert Henrion Posner
Birthday: February 12, 1988
Hometown: Southfield, Michigan
Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

As a passionate Mike Posner fan for over a decade, I‘m thrilled to introduce new listeners to this eclectic singer-songwriter. While he shot to fame with his 2010 smash hit "Cooler Than Me", there‘s so much more to Mike than just one novelty song. He‘s a versatile artist and avid podcaster who bares his soul in his music and constantly reinvents himself.

From Poetic Student to Breakout Star in Less Than a Year

Mike Posner was born in Detroit, Michigan and attended Detroit Country Day School, where he first started writing poetry and lyrics as a introspective teenager trying to make sense of the world. He went on to attend Duke University, where he became a member of the university‘s popular all-male acapella group.

Posner self-released his first mixtape, A Matter of Time, in 2009 while still a sophomore at Duke. The mixtape showcased his thoughtful lyrics and soft vocals, and gained some attention online. This led to Mike signing with J Records, and the rest is history.

Within a year, he went from being a regular college student to having a top 10 single with "Cooler Than Me". The witty kiss-off to a conceited girlfriend peaked at #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 and instantly endeared Posner to fans worldwide. As Mike himself told Billboard, "I made something that resonated with people, and I got to skip a bunch of steps because of it."

An Array of Eclectic Albums and Sounds

While his debut single may have labeled Posner as another pop-rapper, his musical style is actually quite dynamic. His sophomore album, The Layover, incorporated electronic dance music along with R&B slow jams. He sang about unrequited love and missed connections with raw emotion.

On his third album, At Night, Alone, Mike made another artistic departure – stripping down to a folk-pop singer-songwriter sound reminiscent of early Jason Mraz. Across his discography, you never know what sound Mike will tackle next!

Posner‘s biggest hit to date came in 2016 with the global smash "I Took A Pill In Ibiza". The song‘s melancholy tropical house beat was a huge stylistic leap at the time. But the vulnerable lyrics about loneliness and emptiness in the party lifestyle remained classic Posner. This emotional honesty is a hallmark of his work.

Working With a Diverse Array of Artists

Beyond his own albums, Posner has collaborated with musicians across genres. He‘s produced tracks for rappers like Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, and Snoop Dogg. In the pop world, he co-wrote "Sugar" for Maroon 5 and songs for Justin Bieber including "Boyfriend". Posner also co-wrote the 2016 hit "Toothbrush" for the band DNCE.

No matter who he works with, Mike‘s creative Midas touch shines through. His ability to craft heartfelt lyrics and melodies makes him an invaluable collaborator. And he never seems to run out of ideas!

Baring His Soul Through Music and Podcasting

What makes Mike Posner such a compelling artist is the way he bares his soul and gets vulnerable with his audience. His lyrics tackle relatable topics like relationships, loneliness, and the quest for meaning. Songs like "I Took A Pill In Ibiza" touch on the emptiness beneath the party lifestyle, while tracks like "She Looks Like Sex" showcase his self-deprecating humor.

Posner brings the same honesty to his podcast, "The Truth", which he co-hosts with musician blackbear. Their unfiltered conversations about mental health provide comfort to fans who may be struggling too. Mike‘s thoughtful commentary makes the podcast truly compelling listening for his loyal fans.

Walking Across America and Other Adventures

Mike Posner is always looking for his next adventure. In 2019, he embarked on the monumental task of walking across the entire United States. Starting in New Jersey and ending in California, Posner vlogged his journey of personal growth. Unfortunately he was hit by a car in Colorado, but recovered quickly and completed the over 3000-mile trek. His strength and perseverance left me in awe!

Now in his early 30s, I‘m eager to see what Mike does next. He continues to explore new creative territory across music, poetry, podcasting, and life experiences. While "Cooler Than Me" introduced him to the world, Mike Posner‘s honest artistry makes him an artist worth following anywhere he goes.