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Miranda Bissonnette – Reality Star and Podcast Host

Miranda Bissonnette Profile Overview

Full Name Miranda Bissonnette
Age 30
Birthday March 4, 1993
Birth Sign Pisces
Born Salem, Massachusetts, United States
Relationship Dating Misyr (since 2020)
Height 5‘5"
Net Worth Estimated $500K
Social Media Instagram 380K followers
Twitter 32K followers

Miranda Bissonnette is an American reality television star who first captured the hearts of viewers on MTV‘s The Real World in 2017. Since then, she has appeared on competitive shows like The Challenge while also pursuing media ventures like her popular podcast, Hiylee. But there‘s much more to Miranda than what you see on TV – she‘s an inspiring entrepreneur, doting dog mom, and loyal friend. Let‘s take a closer look at this Pisces‘ life and career so far!

Small Town Girl Turned Reality TV Sensation

Born in Salem, Massachusetts on March 4, 1993, Miranda was raised alongside her younger sister in their tight-knit hometown. She attended Salem High School where her outgoing spirit shone as a cheerleader. After graduating in 2011, Miranda went on to study communications and business at Endicott College. Little did she know at the time how perfectly this would prep her for future TV fame and entrepreneurship!

Miranda first hit our screens at 24-years-old on MTV‘s iconic series The Real World. Starring on the Vegas-based season 31, Miranda immediately captured attention with her big personality. She formed close bonds with roommates, but also got into some dramatic fights! Miranda proudly stood her ground, showcasing confidence and refusal to back down that became hallmarks of her time on TV. Though some saw her as confrontational, many related to her realness and emotional vulnerability. Without a doubt, she was one of the most memorable cast members that season!

Competing with Heart on The Challenge

Thanks to her breakout Real World popularity, Miranda went on to compete on MTV‘s competition reality hit The Challenge in 2018. She was partnered with fellow Real World alum CT Tamburello for Final Reckoning. On the show, Miranda continued to showcase her tell-it-like-it-is attitude and bold spirit. While she struggled with some of the difficult physical challenges, her fans loved seeing her determination and heart. She formed friendships with castmates like Tori Deal who she still stays in touch with today.

From Reality TV to Rising Media Maven

In recent years, Miranda has expanded her TV career into new multimedia ventures. Most prominently, she co-hosts a successful weekly podcast called Hiylee with best friend Hailey Forrester. The show covers lifestyle topics like fashion, beauty, dating, and more. Miranda‘s humor and hot takes have built the podcast a devoted following!

Miranda is also growing an inspiring business portfolio. She launched her own fitness line BELLFO, featuring trendy activewear. She also partnered with Primal Life Organics CBD skincare in 2021, promoting the brand through social media. It‘s clear Miranda has an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for building her brand!

Behind the Scenes of Miranda‘s Personal Life

When she‘s not hustling on set or at the podcast studio, Miranda enjoys spending downtime at the Los Angeles home she shares with boyfriend Misyr and golden retriever Kingsley. She met Misyr in early 2020 and they‘ve been happily dating ever since!

Miranda‘s Instagram gives fans a glimpse into her life between projects – whether it‘s modeling shots, behind-the-scenes sneak peeks, or moments with friends like fellow reality star Cara Maria Sorbello. She remains close with many castmates from the shows that kickstarted her career. It‘s clear Miranda is as fun-loving and loyal off-screen as her TV persona!

Why We Adore Miranda Bissonnette

As a long-time fan, here are just some of the reasons I‘m so enthralled by Miranda Bissonnette:

  • Her bold, unapologetic approach to life. Miranda speaks her mind and doesn‘t let anyone push her around!
  • Her journey from small town girl to TV sensation. It‘s so inspiring to see her success!
  • Her down-to-earth nature and goofy sense of humor. She seems like a real girl‘s girl.
  • Her hustle as she expands into new business ventures. Miranda‘s an empowering entrepreneur!
  • Her glamorous sense of style. I love recreating her trendy Instagram looks.
  • Her unbreakable bond with her rescue Kingsley. They‘re the cutest duo!

Miranda Bissonnette continues to entertain and inspire us. She‘s proof you can leverage reality TV fame into multimedia success with the right mix of confidence, charisma and business savvy. I can‘t wait to see what this Pisces powerhouse does next!