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Miranda Kerr: Supermodel, Entrepreneur and Inspiration

Full Name Miranda May Kerr
Birthday April 20, 1983
Birth Place Sydney, Australia
Occupation Model, Entrepreneur
Years Active 1997-Present
Net Worth $60 Million
Social Media Instagram

Miranda Kerr is one of the most famous supermodels in the world. I‘ve been a huge fan of Miranda‘s for many years – she‘s always been an inspiration to me for her work ethic, style, and attitude. Over her decades-long career, she has graced over 300 magazine covers, walked in fashion shows for every top designer, and expanded her brand into organic skincare and wellness. Miranda defines what it means to be a supermodel in every sense!

Early Life and Modeling Discovery

Born in Sydney and raised in the small town of Gunnedah, Miranda Kerr always dreamed of modeling. She entered her first modeling contest at age 13 in 1997 and won the Australian nationwide model search hosted by Dolly Magazine.

After becoming a local modeling sensation, Miranda moved to Brisbane at age 14 to finish high school and begin professional modeling work. By age 15, she had already secured contracts with major Australian brands like Billabong. It was clear from the very start that Miranda had the looks and drive to make it big.

Rise to Supermodel Stardom

After high school, Miranda made the move to Sydney to focus on modeling full-time at age 18. She immediately caught the eye of the industry‘s top players. Miranda booked the coveted Victoria‘s Secret "Angel" status in 2003 – the first ever Australian model to do so.

From 2003 to 2009, Miranda Kerr walked in a jaw-dropping 9 consecutive Victoria‘s Secret Fashion Shows! She was the first Aussie model to land a Vogue Australia cover in 2004 and went on to cover Vogue another 12 times. Miranda also became the face of international brands like Reebok, Levi‘s, and David Jones.

Her big break came in 2007 when Miranda was officially named a Victoria‘s Secret Angel. She was one of the most sought-after models on runways and photoshoots worldwide. From 2008-2010, Miranda ranked on the Forbes Highest Paid Models list, earning over $3 million per year during her peak.

Balancing Family and Continued Success

In 2010, Miranda married long-time love, actor Orlando Bloom. She gave birth to their son Flynn in 2011 in the midst of a thriving career. Miranda returned to the runway just 3 months after having her baby, looking as flawless as ever.

Even with a new baby, Miranda walked in the 2011 Victoria‘s Secret Fashion Show wearing a $2.5 million bra! She also secured contracts with high fashion labels like Prada, Roberto Cavalli, and Chanel. Miranda showed the world it‘s possible to have a thriving career and be a hands-on mom.

After she and Orlando split in 2013, Miranda launched her organic skincare line, KORA Organics. She also published a book on women‘s empowerment and self-help. Miranda proves there is life and success after heartbreak.

Launching KORA Organics

A longtime lover of nature, Miranda launched KORA Organics skincare in 2009 inspired by her own skin troubles as a teen. The brand took 4 years to develop and aims to provide natural, organic skincare made from ingredients Miranda feels good about using as a mother.

KORA features nourishing ingredients like organic noni extract, aloe vera, green tea, and vanilla. Miranda promotes inner and outer nourishment for skin and overall wellbeing. Since its inception, KORA Organics has exploded globally. It‘s now available online and in over 2000 stores worldwide.

Accolades and Achievements

Miranda Kerr‘s accolades and modeling stats are seriously impressive:

  • 13 Vogue Australia Covers
  • Named Model of the Year 4 times by Australian Fashion Week
  • Over 300 runway shows and campaigns for the best designers
  • Ranked #10 on Forbes World‘s Highest Paid Models list
  • TIME Magazine‘s Most Influential People list
  • The first model to grace a Vogue Korea cover
  • Featured in wax at Madame Tussauds museums globally

Miranda‘s impact on the fashion industry and beyond is undeniable. She paved the way for future Aussie models and showed girls they can achieve anything.

Health and Wellness Routine

To maintain her supermodel physique, Miranda sticks to a primarily organic, whole foods diet with lots of veggies, fruit, nuts and lean protein. She minimizes gluten, refined sugar and processed foods.

For fitness, yoga is her exercise of choice 3 times per week. Miranda also incorporates swimming, hiking, light weights and cardio dance into her routine. Overall her regimen focuses on balance, mindfulness and feeling good.

Miranda is so much more than a pretty face – she truly walks the walk when it comes to health and wellbeing. The wisdom she shares has helped so many women, including me!

Inspirational Quotes from Miranda

Here are some of my favorite empowering quotes from Miranda over the years:

"Every sunrise gives you a new beginning and a new ending."

"You have to believe in yourself, even when others don‘t."

"True beauty is not just what you see, but how you feel."

"The perfect way to start the day is with gratitude."

Why Miranda Kerr is a Role Model

There are endless reasons why Miranda Kerr is a role model for women worldwide:

  • She empowers women to reach for their dreams
  • Her humble nature despite massive success
  • Miranda balances business, modeling and motherhood
  • She promotes inner+outer health and self-care
  • Her effortless elegance and timeless style
  • Miranda inspires girls to be confident in themselves

Miranda Kerr remains one of the most influential supermodels of all time. She leveraged her fashion success into an entrepreneur and uses her far-reaching platform to uplift women globally. Miranda is the true definition of beauty inside and out!


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