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Natalie Viscuso: From Reality TV Persona to Multifaceted Businesswoman

Full Name Natalie M. Viscuso
Birthday December 11, 1990
Birth Place Mexico
Age 32
Height 5‘ 8”
Net Worth $4 million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter

Early Life and Education

Born in Mexico in 1990, a young Natalie Viscuso moved with her family to Roswell, New Mexico as a child. She always stood out from her peers – driving fancy cars to school and earning the label "the rich girl." Viscuso struggled to fit in and reportedly faced bullying in Roswell.

At 15 years old, Natalie relocated to California and appeared on the MTV reality series My Super Sweet 16 in 2005. Her episode showcased Viscuso‘s elaborate $1 million quinceañera party, instantly catapulting her into the public eye. To longtime fans like myself, this marked the first glimpse at the glamorous, opulent lifestyle of Natalie Viscuso.

After her big television debut, Natalie settled in Malibu and ultimately graduated from Pepperdine University in 2012 with a degree in cinematic arts. She even made the Dean‘s List, showcasing her academic aptitude despite the flashy MTV persona.

Early Career in Entertainment

Upon graduating, Viscuso immediately dove into Hollywood. She began working at Legendary Entertainment in 2012 as an assistant. Thanks to her drive and business acumen, Natalie impressively rose through the ranks to become Vice President of Television and Digital Studios by 2016.

In this prominent role at just 26 years old, she oversaw production for hits likeLost in Space, mentored associates, and elevated new entertainment projects. Her time at Legendary spanned 5 years total, allowing Natalie to make key connections and gain invaluable experience.

Launching Companies and Embracing Privacy

In 2018, Viscuso parlayed her entertainment expertise to become Chief Operating Officer of Sick of Your Sh*t Inc. She helped launch their flagship product Usethics, an app that analyzes texts and emails for discrimination.

Most recently in 2021, Natalie co-founded Bastard Company Inc. which acquires direct-to-consumer brands. She currently heads operations for several ecommerce companies under the Bastard umbrella.

Unlike her attention-grabbing teen years, Viscuso now embraces a private personal life, avoiding publicity and cameras. But she still possesses the same drive and entrepreneurial spirit from her reality TV days.

Relationship with Henry Cavill

Viscuso met British actor Henry Cavill, of Superman and The Witcher fame, in late 2020. Photographs surfaced in 2021 of the pair holding hands, indicating their relationship.

Cavill himself confirmed their romance in an adorable April 2021 Instagram post featuring the couple playing chess. He lovingly called her "my beautiful and brilliant love Natalie." Cavill is clearly smitten with his "brilliant" girlfriend and her success.

In response to some negative fan comments, the ever-chivalrous Cavill asked people to leave the vitriol behind and instead celebrate his happiness with Natalie. Cavill handled the situation with grace, cementing his commitment to Viscuso.

Current Endeavors

Now in her 30s, Natalie Viscuso has evolved from a reality TV star into a multifaceted businesswoman and entrepreneur. She channels her energy into growing her companies and brand portfolio.

True loyal followers know that Viscuso always displayed a creative spirit and keen intellect, even as her younger self enjoyed the perks of wealth. She simply possessed the maturity to shift her path and forge her own career, proving perceptions wrong.

Above all, Natalie values privacy, hard work, and purpose in this stage of her life. She remains an inspirational figure for gracefully coming into her own both personally and professionally.

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