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Natasha Bure: Talented Entertainer, Inspiring Role Model

Full Name Natasha Valerievna Bure
Birthdate August 15, 1998
Birthplace Napa County, California, United States
Age 25 years old
Height 5‘5"
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth ~$500,000
Social Media YouTube

As one of her biggest fans from day one, I‘ve loved watching Natasha Bure grow from a talented teen YouTuber into an inspiring actress and role model for young women.

Natasha was born in 1998 in Napa County, California to parents Valeri Bure and Candace Cameron. She grew up in LA with her close-knit family, developing a passion for performing at a young age. After kickstarting her YouTube channel in 2015, her bubbly personality and relatable vlogs quickly earned her millions of subscribers.

Now at 25, Natasha has become a bonafide Gen Z star – acting in buzzy Netflix movies, launching clothing lines, and supporting charities – all while remaining grounded and real. Here‘s a closer look at her remarkable journey.

Finding Her Calling on YouTube

Natasha started her YouTube channel on a whim at age 17, posting lifestyle videos and beauty tutorials from her bedroom. Right away there was something special about the way she engaged so authentically with her audience.

Within months, fans were drawn to her contagious smile and down-to-earth attitude. They felt as if they were talking to a friend, not watching a manufactured influencer. Natasha hit 1 million subscribers before she even graduated high school!

Some of her most popular videos have been collaborations with her mom testing viral TikTok challenges, boyfriend tag Q&As, and candid advice on bullying, relationships and self-care. She knows how to tackle tough topics in an uplifting way.

A typical video might find Natasha sharing a "day in my life" vlog, unboxing PR gifts, or chatting about her latest project over coffee on her balcony. Her fans feel invested in her life milestones and cheer on her accomplishments.

Soaring to New Heights Acting

As Natasha‘s YouTube fame grew, exciting acting opportunities came knocking. She made her major acting debut in 2016‘s Faith, Hope & Love playing a aspiring singer (perfectly suited for her real-life vocal talents!).

I was thrilled to see her land a starring role as Kate in 2019‘s The Farmer and The Belle. She brought such heart and charisma to the charming holiday romance. Most recently, her multi-episode guest spot on Fuller House let her shine in some hilarious moments opposite veteran sitcom stars.

In each performance, Natasha impresses me with her comedic timing and ability to share raw emotions on camera. She holds her own in scenes with experienced actors twice her age! I can‘t wait to see the leading lady roles she takes on next.

Why Fans Adore Natasha Bure

So what is it about Natasha that makes her such a beloved star? For one, her YouTube videos are always upbeat and engaging – fans feel like they‘re chatting with a real friend, not just watching a manufactured celebrity.

She comes across as genuine, honest and comfortable in her own skin. Her confidence is inspiring, especially in how she handles criticism or internet trolls with grace.

Fans also admire her strong family values and Christian faith. While she isn‘t afraid to show her spiritual side, she refrains from preaching.

Overall, Natasha‘s positivity, humor and wisdom make her a role model for teens. She empowers young women to be self-accepting and follow their dreams – all while making them smile and laugh along the way.

Natasha Bure By the Numbers

3.55 million – YouTube subscribers as of 2023

500+ million – Views across all of Natasha‘s YouTube videos

5 – Natasha‘s height in feet and inches

2017 – Year she launched her clothing line with Aeropostale

2019 – Year her Netflix Christmas movie The Farmer and The Belle came out

Inside the Life of Natasha Bure

Even with an insane schedule, Natasha makes sure to find work-life balance and enjoy downtime with loved ones.

A typical weekend might include family game night, movie marathons, and dinner out with friends. She unwind with hobbies like journaling, yoga, and playing her ukulele.

When she needs an escape, Natasha jets off to gorgeous destinations like Hawaii, Paris, and Cabo San Lucas to soak up new cultures.

No matter how busy she gets, she stays grounded by surrounding herself with a solid support system. Her close bond with family keeps her priorities in check.

What Does the Future Hold?

Natasha has accomplished so much already at just 25 but I know she‘s only getting started! She plans to keep creating YouTube videos that spread joy and positivity.

She also aims to star in many more movies, TV shows and scripted series. Musical theater is on her bucket list too!

Beyond entertainment, I expect Natasha to launch more business ventures, partner with impactful charities, and publish inspirational books.

The sky‘s the limit for this multitalented star! No doubt her future shines bright. As a loyal fan, I look forward to watching every step of Natasha‘s journey.

Frequently Asked Questions About Natasha

Here are answers to some of the most common questions about the actress and influencer:

How did Natasha get started on YouTube?

Natasha launched her YouTube channel in 2015 at age 17. She wanted a creative outlet to connect with viewers about fashion, beauty and lifestyle topics she was passionate about.

What are some of Natasha‘s most popular YouTube videos?

Some fan favorites include morning routines, OOTD lookbooks, advice Q&As, celebrity impressions, workout videos, testing viral internet challenges and more.

What shows and movies has Natasha acted in?

Her credits include Faith, Hope & Love, The Farmer and The Belle, Fuller House, Studio C, and Hallmark‘s A Christmas Duet.

Does Natasha have any celebrity crushes?

Yes! She‘s admitted to crushing on Zac Efron growing up and thinks Harry Styles is "so cute"!

What are Natasha‘s hobbies and interests?

She enjoys traveling, playing ukulele, watching scary movies, hiking, journaling, trying new recipes and spending quality time with her close-knit family.

What charity work is Natasha involved in?

She supports groups like She Is More that empower young women. She also uses her platform to speak out against bullying.