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YouTube Superstar NayVee Nelson

Full Name NayVee Grace Nelson
Birthdate November 12, 2007
Age 15 years old
Height 5‘ 2"
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth $1 million
YouTube Stuf by Nayvee – 10+ million subscribers
Instagram @nayveegracenelson – 800k+ followers
TikTok @nayveenelson7 – 5 million+ followers

NayVee Nelson is taking the YouTube world by storm as one of the fastest rising young stars on the platform, dazzling over 10 million subscribers with her popular beauty and fashion vlogs. Her charismatic on-screen presence and kontagious positivity have completely won us over!

Her Rise to YouTube Stardom

NayVee first started her channel "Stuf by Nayvee" back in 2017 at just 10 years old, quickly gaining a following with her comedy skits, challenge videos, DIY tutorials, and vlogs.

Some of her standout videos like "Testing Weird Hair Hack Videos" and "Baby Food Challenge" have totally blown up with over 5 million views each! We just can‘t get enough of NayVee‘s infectious charm and humor.

She‘s also gifted at dance, sharing freestyle routines, original choreography, and TikTok dances that inspire fans to get up and move. NayVee rocks the stage with musical covers and original songs flaunting her versatility.

Collaborations & Other Platforms

Part of the appeal is NayVee‘s collabs with other top Gen Z stars like Piper Rockelle, Txunamy, and Hayley LeBlanc. These fun crossover videos expose her to new audiences and give fans more entertaining content.

Outside of YouTube, NayVee has amassed over 800,000 Instagram followers and 5 million TikTok fans who just can‘t get enough of her trendy fashion, dance clips, and behind-the-scenes glimpses. She engages with supporters daily across all platforms thanks to her relatable personality.

Standout Fashion Sense

One thing‘s for sure, NayVee has awesome style beyond her years. She rocks the latest looks, sharing clothing hauls and outfit inspiration that teen fans adore mimicking. Some of her go-to staples include mom jeans, crop tops, oversized tees, and trendy sneakers. NayVee makes fashion accessible with her budget-friendly finds.

What Fans Love About NayVee

Fans are drawn to NayVee‘s bubbly spirit and authenticity. She‘s a blast to watch, sharing hilarious and heartfelt moments from her life. NayVee empowers fans to be unapologetically themselves.

Her content is entertaining yet also encourages creativity. She teaches dance combos, slime DIYs, and fun crafts fans can recreate at home. NayVee‘s positivity is contagious!

Fun Facts About NayVee

  • Her favorite subjects in school are P.E., art, and math.
  • She loves all animals, especially her pet dogs Luna and Nala.
  • NayVee took dance classes growing up and creates TikTok choreography.
  • She‘s a skilled gymnast and incorporates tricks into her videos.
  • NayVee loves fashion and shares clothing hauls/style tips.

NayVee Nelson continues to win over millions with her bold personality and relatable content. We can‘t wait to see what she does next!