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Olivia O‘Brien – The Emotional Pop Singer-Songwriter Taking Over The Charts

Full Name Olivia Gail O'Brien
Age 23 years old (b. November 26, 1999)
Birthplace Los Angeles, California
Net Worth $93M
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

As a long-time fan, I‘m thrilled to provide an in-depth introduction to singer-songwriter Olivia O‘Brien. Ever since her career took off in 2016, Olivia‘s raw, emotional music and incredible vocal talent have earned her legions of dedicated fans. Let‘s take a closer look at this rising pop star‘s journey so far.

Discovering Her Musical Passion

Born in Los Angeles, Olivia found music to be a creative outlet from a young age. She began singing and writing original songs as a teenager, finding the process therapeutic. At just 15, she started posting covers on YouTube and quickly gained a following. It was clear even then that Olivia had a gift for channeling personal experiences into moving pop songs.

The Breakout Success of "RIP"

Olivia‘s big break came in 2016 with the release of her debut single, "RIP." As a day-one fan who listened to it the day it dropped, I was blown away by the track‘s raw emotion. With over 200 million streams now, "RIP" propelled Olivia into stardom. Its vulnerably honest lyrics about lost love represented a new voice in pop music. When it charted on the Billboard Hot 100, I knew Olivia was on her way to the top!

Collaborations with Pop & Hip-Hop Stars

One thing I love about Olivia is her versatility as an artist. She‘s proven she can thrive in any genre by collaborating with major stars like gnash and blackbear. My personal favorite is her tropical house smash "Look At Us Now" with Lost Kings from 2017. Olivia sounds incredible meshing her vocals with the production, showing her cross-genre appeal.

The Was It Even Real? Era

In 2019, Olivia blessed fans with her first body of work – the Was It Even Real? EP. I listened to it on repeat for months! Songs like "Just Friends" and "Empty" felt so personal and showcased Olivia‘s growth. The project expanded her fanbase and earned praise from critics. I could tell Olivia was crafting a distinct musical identity.

Continued Chart Domination

Olivia has truly mastered the art of the pop anthem with hits like "Awkward" and "u suck." I proudly stream her tracks and watch them climb the Billboard charts! Her music videos are always high quality and creative too. At just 23, her accomplishments are astounding. I can‘t wait to see what other chart-toppers Olivia releases next!

The Future Looks Bright

In a few short years, Olivia has developed into one of music‘s most exciting and authentic new talents. Each release shows increasing depth and creativity. No matter what sound or genre she tackles, her vulnerability and vocal range always impress. Olivia inspires me to embrace my true self too. I know I speak for fans everywhere when I say we will be supporting this star every step of the way!