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Patrick Starrr: Makeup Icon and Social Media Sensation

Full Name Patrick Sidney Simondac
Age 34
Birthday November 11, 1989
Birth Sign Scorpio
Born United States
Relationship Engaged
Height 5‘10"
Net Worth $1 million (estimated)
Social Media Facebook

As a long-time fan and avid follower of Patrick Starrr‘s work, I‘m thrilled to provide this in-depth introduction to the makeup icon and social media star. Patrick is a Filipino-American make-up artist and influencer renowned for his collabs with MAC Cosmetics and his own clothing line. With his artistic talents, hilarious personality, and boundary-pushing style, Patrick has inspired millions around the globe.

Patrick‘s Rise to Beauty Fame

Patrick‘s love for makeup started at a young age, practicing techniques he saw his mother doing. After moving to L.A., Patrick began uploading makeup tutorials to YouTube in 2007 under the moniker PatrickStarrr. His videos quickly gained immense popularity thanks to his exceptional skills, bubbly spirit, and knack for creating unique looks.

After 10 years working at MAC Cosmetics, Patrick left to focus full-time on building his influencer career. He became a MAC collaborator and ambassador in 2015. His subscriber count soared to over 4 million. Patrick also launched collabs with Sephora, Giorgio Armani, and his own brand ONE/SIZE.

Patrick is now an award-winning content creator and many consider him the heart of the online beauty community. He uses his powerful voice to advocate for acceptance, judge-free creativity, and embracing who you are.

Why Patrick Resonates with Fans

There are endless reasons why Patrick Starrr is so beloved by his legions of fans:

  • Masterful Technique – Every makeup look Patrick dreams up is executed flawlessly. Fans are in awe of his skill and pick up tips to improve their own abilities.
  • Hilarious Personality – Patrick‘s exaggerated reactions, funny voices, and goofy sense of humor make his videos downright entertaining.
  • Fearless Creativity – Patrick constantly thinks outside the box, whether it‘s crafting portrait makeup or conceptual alien looks. Fans eagerly anticipate what he‘ll think up next.
  • Passion for Beauty – In all his videos over the years, Patrick‘s passion, dedication, and love for makeup beams through. Fans are inspired by his commitment to his craft.
  • Advocacy for Acceptance – As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Patrick uses his powerful platform to spread messages of inclusivity, judgement-free creativity, and self-love.

No matter what he does, Patrick approaches it with heart, humor, and an unwavering drive to bring more beauty into the world. He‘s a testament to the power of being yourself.

5 Fun Patrick Facts Only Superfans Know

As a devoted Patrick superfan, I‘ve picked up on some fascinating facts about the makeup maven over the years:

  • Patrick‘s last name Simondac – Starrr is a clever stage name with extra "R‘s".
  • He became obsessed with makeup after watching his mom apply lipstick as a kid.
  • Before YouTube fame, Patrick worked at MAC for 10 years starting as a store associate.
  • Patrick is a multi-instrumentalist – he can slay piano, guitar, ukulele, and trumpet.
  • He‘s collabed with celebs like Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, and Nikita Dragun on his channel.

Patrick Starrr: An Inspiring Beauty Pioneer

With his creativity, humor, advocacy, and remarkable talents, Patrick Starrr has undoubtedly left a lasting mark on the beauty community. As a devoted fan, I‘ve loved watching his star continue to rise as he inspires millions to embrace makeup as a form of self-expression. Patrick reminds us all to be unapologetically ourselves – and have fun while we‘re at it!