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Plastic Surgeon and TV Personality Dr. Paul Nassif

Full Name: Paul Nassif
Birthday: June 6, 1962 (Age 61)
Born: Los Angeles, CA
Spouse: Adrienne Maloof (divorced)
Children: 3 sons
Height: 5‘9"
Net Worth: $14 million
Social: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

As one of the most prominent surgeons in the entertainment industry, Dr. Paul Nassif has reached incredible heights of fame and success. Though he possesses world-class surgical skills, longtime fans like myself also know him as a humble, funny, and caring soul on his hit shows.

Early Life and Medical Education

Born in Los Angeles in 1962, Nassif seemed destined for greatness from an early age. His Lebanese parents were determined to provide young Paul the best possible education and upbringing. After graduating from the prestigious University of Southern California, Nassif completed his medical training at Chicago Medical School.

Ever ambitious, Nassif matched into a challenging facial plastic and reconstructive surgery residency program after med school. During this intensive training, he cultivated his passion and skills for cosmetic procedures like rhinoplasty and facelifts. I‘ve always admired how hard Nassif worked to achieve excellence in his field at such a young age.

Building His Surgical Practice in Beverly Hills

Armed with elite surgical skills, Nassif returned to his native Los Angeles in the early 1990s to launch his own facial plastic surgery practice. His natural talent, innovative techniques like the "Nassif Facelift," and caring bedside manner soon made him a highly sought-after surgeon.

Some of the big-name celebrities who have gone under the knife with Dr. Nassif include:

  • Gigi Hadid – supermodel who had a nose job
  • Adrienne Maloof – Nassif‘s ex-wife who had multiple procedures
  • Kyle Richards – "Real Housewives" star who had a rhinoplasty

Nassif also co-authored a major textbook on aesthetic plastic surgery techniques in addition to launching his own line of skincare products. His natural skill as a surgeon and diverse achievements made him a celebrity in the Beverly Hills plastic surgery scene years before reality TV came calling.

Reality Television Fame on E!‘s "Botched"

Of course, Nassif skyrocketed to fame in 2014 as the co-star of E! Network‘s plastic surgery show "Botched" alongside fellow surgeon Dr. Terry Dubrow. Each episode follows the doctors as they repair extreme cosmetic procedure fails and surgical disasters.

As a devoted fan who has seen every episode, I‘m endlessly impressed by Nassif‘s skill in revising the most complex cases, from bad boob jobs to failed facelifts. But it‘s his compassion, sense of humor, and down-to-earth nature that really make him a joy to watch week after week. The touching stories of patients who put their trust in his capable hands never fail to bring me to tears.

Now entering its eighth season, "Botched" has spawned multiple spin-offs and introduced Nassif to millions of adoring fans. But even with all the fame, he remains the kind, funny, supremely talented surgeon that his loyal patients and fans have always admired.

Nassif‘s Personal Life and Struggles

Of course, even renowned surgeons have challenges in their personal lives. Nassif‘s fans watched his marriage to Adrienne Maloof, a star of "Real Housewives," fall apart on television in the early 2010s. Their messy divorce proceedings and custody battle over their three sons played out publicly.

To his credit, Nassif has also spoken openly about his struggles with addiction. In 2014, he courageously admitted himself into rehab to treat his addiction issues. I deeply respect his honesty and willingness to confront his demons to become a better father and role model.

Why Dr. Nassif is So Loved

After following his career for over two decades, I‘ve come to admire Dr. Paul Nassif for many reasons:

  • His unparalleled surgical skills make him a trusted expert in his field.
  • He oozes charisma and a likable personality on camera.
  • He takes risks to help "Botched" patients other surgeons have given up on.
  • He has a funny, down-to-earth nature that shines through in interviews.
  • His openness about past struggles makes him relatable and human.

While reaching incredible heights of fame, Dr. Nassif never forgets his roots. His natural talent and caring approach continue to change lives through transformative yet subtle procedures. He remains an approachable role model for aspiring doctors and fans alike.


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