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Prince Jackson

Full Name Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr.
Age 26
Birthday February 13, 1997
Occupation Actor, Producer
Known For Daybreak, Homeboys & Nano
Relationship Status Single
Height 5′ 10′′
Net Worth $100 million (estimated)
Social Media Twitter, Instagram

As the eldest son of Michael Jackson, Prince Jackson grew up in the spotlight. But he has managed to stay grounded thanks to his close-knit family and focus on using his fame for good. Let‘s take a closer look at this inspiring young actor and philanthropist who is building an impressive career while honoring his father‘s legacy.

Early Life and Family

Prince was born in 1997 to Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe. His childhood was spent between Neverland Ranch and eventually Los Angeles after his parents‘ split. Along with his siblings Paris and Bigi, Prince was homeschooled and shielded from paparazzi by masks or blankets. After Michael‘s untimely death in 2009, the three children were raised by their grandmother Katherine Jackson.

Prince especially found strength relying on his sister Paris, with whom he remains extremely close as an adult. He graduated high school in 2015 and gave a touching tribute speech dedicated to his father. This tight-knit family endured unimaginable tragedy and grew even closer through it all.

Acting and Producing Career

After graduating from Loyola Marymount University in 2019, Prince dove into his entertainment career. He co-founded King‘s Son Productions and has numerous producing credits already:

  • Remembering Michael (2017) – documentary about Michael Jackson
  • One More Chance (2018) – short film about drug addiction
  • The Jacksons: Next Generation (2018) – reality show with Jackson siblings
  • Thriller Night (2019) – MJ tribute concert

Prince will co-produce the upcoming Lionsgate biopic Michael about his father, directed by Antoine Fuqua. As an actor, he has appeared in TV shows like Star and Scream, along with roles in films like Oblivion Genesis and The Quarry.

As Prince gains experience, I expect to see him land bigger acting roles in addition to high-profile producing projects. The future is bright for this talented young multi-hyphenate!

Philanthropy and Causes

In his limited free time, Prince dedicates himself to charitable foundations supporting:

  • Mental health awareness (Mercury Phoenix Trust)
  • Mass incarceration reform (Heal LA)
  • Environmental protection (plastic pollution, climate change)
  • Children‘s literacy and youth programs

He also volunteers to help disadvantaged kids and families. Prince intentionally uses his fame to promote tolerance and positive change. Like Michael, he is a conscientious celebrity.

Hobbies and Interests

Outside of his work, Prince enjoys:

  • Photography – Prince has real talent behind the camera! His Instagram features stunning shots he‘s taken.
  • Animals – He loves sharing pics of his many pets and supporting animal rescue charities.
  • Friends and family – Prince values his siblings, cousins and friends. He often posts heartfelt tributes to them online.

Despite the fame, rumors and tabloid drama that plagued Michael, Prince has somehow grown up with a kind heart and down-to-earth spirit. He is wise beyond his years.

Prince just turned 26 in 2023. As he keeps chasing his dreams in Hollywood and humbly serving others, I have a feeling his iconic father would be incredibly proud of the man he has become. Prince‘s story is only beginning.