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Prince Royce – The Dominican-American Latin Pop Superstar

Full Name Geoffrey Royce Rojas
Age 34
Birthday May 11, 1989
Birthplace Bronx, New York
Facebook PrinceRoyce
Twitter @PrinceRoyce
Instagram @princeroyce
YouTube PrinceRoyceVEVO

With his smooth vocals, dashing looks, and infectious rhythms, Prince Royce has become one of the biggest stars in Latin music today. Born to Dominican parents in New York City, Royce‘s musical journey began during his teenage years in the Bronx, where he started writing original songs and poetry. His raw talent was evident even then. Royce met his future manager Andrés Hidalgo at age 19, who helped him get signed to a record label and launch his path to stardom.

Early Musical Inspirations

Growing up, Royce was influenced by a variety of Latin music styles. He listened to icons like Juan Luis Guerra, Celia Cruz, and Héctor Lavoe as well as American pop artists. Royce was drawn to bachata music in particular – he admired stars like Raulin Rodriguez and Aventura who modernized the genre. Royce knew he wanted to fuse contemporary R&B and pop flavors into traditional bachata rhythms to create his own unique sound.

Adopting the Stage Name "Prince Royce"

Royce chose "Prince Royce" as his stage name in homage to his heritage as a descendant of Dominican military leader and politician Ulises Francisco Espaillat. The stage name evoked realeza (royalty), capturing his noble bloodline while distinguishing his persona as an artist. According to Royce, “I’m proud of my culture, proud of my nationality, and proud of being a Dominican. I want my music to reflect who I am."

Breakthrough with the Hit Single "Stand By Me"

At age 20, Prince Royce released his breakthrough debut single "Stand By Me" in 2010, which seamlessly blended English and Spanish lyrics over bachata melodies. The song dominated radio play and spent a record-breaking 18 weeks at #1 on Billboard‘s Hot Latin Songs chart. Its runaway success cemented Royce as a rising bilingual Latin pop sensation with immense crossover appeal. He followed up with numerous other hits including "Corazón Sin Cara," "Las Cosas Pequeñas," and "Incondicional."

Earning Legitimacy with “Phase II” and First Latin Grammy

With his sophomore album Phase II in 2012, Royce continued to fuse bachata and R&B but also experimented with new styles like mariachi pop and acoustic guitar ballads. His artistic growth was rewarded with Royce‘s first Latin Grammy win for Best Tropical Fusion Album. I still remember how emotional and humbled Royce looked accepting that award – it was a definitive recognition of his legitimacy as an artist.

Collaborations with Mainstream American Artists

As Royce‘s fame grew exponentially, he caught the attention of various American pop stars. His collaborations with artists like Chris Brown, Snoop Dogg, and Jennifer Lopez demonstrated his ability to bridge Latin music with mainstream urban sounds. One standout was Royce‘s 2013 bilingual single "Te Perdiste Mi Amor" with R&B queen Kelly Rowland, which exposed him to her wider fanbase.

Remaining At the Forefront of Latin Music

Now with over a decade of stardom under his belt, Prince Royce continues making history. In 2019, his single "Adicto" with Marc Anthony became Royce‘s sixteenth #1 on Billboard‘s Latin Airplay chart. He also judge on Telemundo‘s La Voz in 2021. Regardless of his evolution over the years, Royce still remains grounded in his heritage – he proudly reps his Dominican roots everywhere he goes. His catalog is timeless, his performances electric, and his impact on Latin pop music undisputed. At only 34, we can expect even more greatness from Prince Royce in the years to come!