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Rachel Hollis

Full Name Rachel Hollis
Age 40 years old
Birthday January 9, 1983
Birth Sign Capricorn
Born Weedpatch, California, United States
Spouse Dave Hollis (married 2004)
Children 4 children
Height 5‘ 4"
Net Worth $3 million (estimated)
Social Media Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

Rachel Hollis first garnered fame as the founder of the wildly popular lifestyle blog and brand The Chic Site, which later transformed into The Hollis Company. She then exploded onto the publishing scene in 2018 with the runaway bestseller Girl, Wash Your Face, cementing her status as a household name. With over 5 million books sold, Hollis ranks as one of the most influential self-help gurus of her generation.

Early Life

Born in rural California, Hollis grew up in poverty with an abusive stepfather. She worked multiple jobs to put herself through college at California State University, where she studied communications. After getting unexpectedly pregnant and dropping out briefly, Hollis returned to finish her degree in 2004. That same year she married comedian Dave Hollis, whom she met through friends.

Even in her youth, Hollis displayed relentless drive and work ethic. As a teen she dreamed of being an actress, looking up to A-list stars like Brad Pitt. But she proved even more gifted at building a media brand that would inspire women worldwide.

Career Highlights

After college, Hollis quickly established herself in event planning and marketing in Los Angeles. She founded the popular lifestyle blog The Chic Site in 2009, growing it to a seven-figure business within a few years.

Hollis expanded The Chic Site into The Hollis Company, a multifaceted lifestyle empire. Shehosts wildly popular conferences like Rise and Rise Business, drawing thousands of attendees. Her podcasts rack up millions of downloads.

But Hollis truly exploded into the stratosphere in 2018 with the publication of Girl, Wash Your Face, which has sold over 5 million copies to date. She followed it up with two more #1 bestsellers, cementing her status as a publishing juggernaut.

Major Rachel Hollis Milestones:

  • 2004: Graduates college, marries Dave Hollis
  • 2009: Launches The Chic Site blog
  • 2012: The Chic Site hits over 1 million monthly views
  • 2015: The Chic Site evolves into The Hollis Company
  • 2018: Releases publishing phenomenon Girl, Wash Your Face
  • 2019: First Rise women‘s conference sells out in minutes
  • 2020: Didn‘t See That Coming debuts at #1 on bestseller lists

Personal Life

Hollis has four children with her husband Dave, who is also her business partner in running The Hollis Company. She faced marital struggles after building her media empire, with Dave admitting to an affair during a couples therapy session. However, they remain married and committed to repairing their relationship.

Despite her fame and fortune, Hollis remains remarkably relatable and down-to-earth in her personal life. She proudly shows off her tattoos and piercings. She indulges her obsession with doughnuts, devouring over 11,000 by her own estimation. And she shares intimate details of her struggles with body image, self-esteem, and finding balance as a mom, wife, and CEO.


Girl, Wash Your Face

  • Published March 2018
  • Spent 43 weeks at #1 on the New York Times bestseller list
  • Over 5 million copies sold
  • Translated into 30 languages

Girl, Stop Apologizing

  • Published March 2019
  • Debuted at #1 on New York Times bestseller list
  • Over 1 million copies sold

Didn‘t See That Coming

  • Published September 2020
  • Sold almost half a million copies in the first week

Hollis has also authored several workbook companions to her major titles.

Impact and Legacy

Rachel Hollis rocketed to fame by sharing an empowering message of believing in yourself and relentlessly chasing your dreams. She overcame a difficult childhood and unlocked her full potential through sheer hustle and grit.

Through her books, conferences, online courses, podcasts, and speeches, Hollis has:

  • Inspired millions of women to have confidence, take risks, and transform their lives
  • Built a passionate community that supports one another
  • Promoted entrepreneurship and self-betterment
  • Opened up about taboo topics like mental health, body image, sexuality, and relationship struggles
  • Made spirituality and self-help guidance feel inclusive and accessible

Hollis has emerged as one of the most influential motivational figures of her era. She represents the rise of women using digital media and storytelling to create million-dollar empires centered on optimism. To fans worldwide, Hollis is the ultimate "girl boss" – living proof that believing in yourself can make all your dreams come true.