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Rich Dollaz

Profile Overview

Full Name Richard Trowers
Age 48 years old (Birthdate: August 4, 1975)
Birthplace Waterbury, Connecticut
Relationship Status Single
Children Daughter Ashley, sons with Moniece and Winter
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Rich Dollaz is a music mogul from Waterbury, Connecticut who got his start working at Bad Boy Records in the 1990s. He eventually left Bad Boy to start his own management company called Dollaz Unlimited, serving as the CEO. Rich has several children, including a daughter named Ashley with ex-girlfriend Miracle Kaye Hall.

In 2011, Rich became one of the original cast members of VH1‘s hit reality show Love & Hip Hop: New York. The show documented Rich‘s music career as he worked with artists and dealt with drama. Rich quickly became a fan favorite, known for his flashy style and catchphrases.

Rich Dollaz‘s Hip Hop Legacy

Rich first got into the music biz working as an A&R representative at Bad Boy Records in the 1990s. He helped discover new talent and worked with major artists like The Notorious B.I.G. and Faith Evans.

After leaving Bad Boy, Rich founded his own management company called Dollaz Unlimited. He would go on to manage big-name artists like Olivia, the first woman signed to G-Unit Records, and J-Hood, formerly of D-Block Records.

Throughout his career, Rich has demonstrated keen business acumen and an ability to spot new talent in the industry. He‘s known for his hands-on approach to artist development.

Family and Relationships

Rich has never been married but has several children with different women. His first child is a daughter named Ashley with his ex-girlfriend Miracle Kaye Hall. He also has sons with reality star Moniece Slaughter and celebrity stylist Winter Ramos.

On Love & Hip Hop, Rich has been open about his dating life and personal struggles. He revealed he was molested as a child and has battled addiction issues. In 2018, he spent 30 days in rehab. Rich has faced criticism over the years for his treatment of women.

Controversies and Legal Issues

While Rich keeps his business dealings savvy, he‘s no stranger to controversies and feuds. On Love & Hip Hop, he‘s constantly arguing with other music executives and artists on the show.

In 2012, Rich was arrested for unpaid child support. He settled the issue after appearing in court. Rich also faced criticism in 2018 when castmate Sidney Starr alleged he sexually assaulted her.

Through it all, fans have come to know Rich as an outspoken, tough-talking music mogul who isn‘t afraid of confrontation. His arguments and one-liners have become staples on the show.

Rich Dollaz has crafted an enduring career in hip-hop spanning over 25 years. With his flashy style, sharp business skills, and epic one-liners, Rich has made his mark on the industry. Love him or hate him, there‘s no denying Rich Dollaz is reality TV gold.