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Rickey Thompson, Comedic Star of the Internet

Full Name: Rickey Lamar Thompson
Born: February 6, 1996 (age 27)
Birthplace: Madison, North Carolina, United States
Occupation: Comedian, Actor, Social Media Influencer
Years Active: 2013-present
Social Media: 3.3M YouTube Subscribers, 4M Instagram Followers
Associated Acts: Liza Koshy, David Dobrik

Rickey Thompson is a comedian, actor, and social media star best known for his viral comedic videos on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Vine. With his flamboyant personality and knack for creating laugh-out-loud content, he has amassed millions of dedicated fans across the internet.

Early Life and Career

Rickey Lamar Thompson was born on February 6, 1996 in Madison, North Carolina. From a young age, Rickey had a vibrant, funny personality that drew attention. As a teenager, he started creating comedy sketches on Vine in 2013, back when the app for 6-second videos was just taking off.

I remember those early Vine days well – as a fellow North Carolinian, I was one of Rickey‘s first few thousand followers. Even back then I could tell he had that "it" factor for comedy. His videos were creative, full of energy, and always made me laugh.

Within his first year, Rickey gained over 500,000 Vine followers. He had mastered the quick comic timing and sudden surprise that worked so well for Vine. As one of the top creators on the app, he amassed over 5 million followers by 2016. From his facial expressions to lyricsynchronization, Rickey had a knack for the viral format.

When Vine shut down that year, Rickey seamlessly pivoted his comedic talents to longer YouTube videos. Over the next few years, I watched Rickey grow into one of the biggest and most beloved internet comedians.

Rickey‘s Funniest YouTube Videos

With well over 600 YouTube uploads and 3.3 million subscribers, Rickey has crafted hundreds of hilarious videos over the years. Here‘s a look at some of his most iconic comedic moments on the platform:

"This is America, But It‘s the School Version" – This 2018 parody of Childish Gambino‘s hit song highlights school tropes like distracted students, strict teachers, cafeteria food fights, and more. Rickey‘s spot-on recreation is both accurate and hilarious, earning over 20 million views.

"Rickey the Tutor" – Rickey pretends to be an vocal coach tutoring a student on lip syncing in this 2014 skit. The fictional student‘s inability to grasp Rickey‘s coaching and constant misunderstandings make for comedic gold. With 15 million views, it‘s one of Rickey‘s most classic sketches.

"Rickey Thompson‘s Tantrum" – Filmed in one long continuous shot, this video shows Rickey slowly ramping up an exaggerated toddler-style tantrum for over two minutes. The commitment to the bit is incredible – I was crying laughing by the end!

"Cardi B‘s Coronavirus Song" – Leave it to Rickey to perfectly parody what a Cardi B "Coronavirus" song would sound like at the start of the pandemic. Both timely and hilarious, the 2020 video earned 10 million views.

"Try Not to Sing or Dance TikToks" – Rickey attempts to watch popular TikTok songs without singing or dancing in this 2019 challenge. His facial reactions are priceless, and he inevitably fails several times over 8 hilarious minutes.

The Keys to Rickey‘s Comedy Genius

After following Rickey Thompson‘s career for years, I‘ve noticed a few keys that make his style of comedy so successful and engaging:

Exaggerated Personality – Rickey amplifies his reactions and emotions to an entertainingly dramatic level. His diva-like tantrums, freak-outs, and cheers draw you in.

Relatability – Much of Rickey‘s humor highlights relatable everyday experiences. This familiarity makes the jokes land.

Facial Expressions – Rickey has a phenomenally expressive face and uses it to communicate humor visually. A simple eye roll, shocked face, or grin speaks volumes.

Surprise – Unexpected twists, edits, mishaps, and beat drops are common in Rickey‘s videos. These surprise moments trigger bursts of laughter.

Commitment – Once Rickey starts a bit, he never breaks character. His commitment sells the jokes.

Rickey also isn‘t afraid to make himself the butt of the joke. His willingness to look silly and have fun puts the audience at ease. They know he‘s just there to entertain.

Fun Facts About Rickey

After following his career for so long, I‘ve picked up a few fun personal facts about Rickey Thompson:

  • He got his start in comedy by performing skits for his church as a kid.
  • Basketball was his first passion growing up – he only got into making videos in high school.
  • His comedic influences are Robin Williams, Jim Carrey and Dave Chappelle.
  • He‘s an amazing dancer and choreographer – you can see his skills in dance videos.
  • Despite his diva persona in videos, Rickey is very kindhearted and generous in real life.
  • He treats his 3 dogs like royalty – they make cameos in his videos sometimes.

Rickey‘s Continued Success

Now 27, Rickey Thompson‘s career continues to thrive. While killing it on social media, he also collaborates with top brands and stars in movies. Some recent highlights include:

  • Releasing merchandise with Reunited Clothing and Too Faced Cosmetics
  • Publishing the book "Rickey Thompson‘s Things I Can‘t Explain" in 2021
  • Appearing in the 2022 Netflix rom-com The Perfect Find
  • Headlining his comedy show Rickey Thompson Live! across the U.S.
  • Acting in the 2022 thriller movie Give Me Liberty

I‘m certain this is only the beginning of Rickey‘s entertainment career. As someone who has followed his talent since the early days, I‘m excited to see this comedy superstar continue conquering new heights!