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Ringo Starr: The Legendary Beatles Drummer

Ringo Starr, formerly Sir Richard Starkey MBE, is an iconic former Beatles drummer. As a lifelong fan, I‘m thrilled to share more about this legendary artist‘s storied life and career.

Full Name Richard Starkey
Age 83
Birthday July 7, 1940
Birth Sign Cancer
Born England
Height 5‘ 6"
Net Worth $350M
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Born Richard Starkey on July 7, 1940 in Liverpool, England, Ringo endured many childhood illnesses that kept him in the hospital for long stretches. During recovery, he discovered drumming as a passion and creative outlet. At just 15, Ringo dropped out of school to become a full-time drummer. He recounted, "I got so ill that I had to come out of hospital to die. It was the best thing that ever happened to me." Drumming gave his life renewed purpose.

Ringo joined his first band, the Eddie Clayton Skiffle Group, in 1957. It was around this time he received the nickname "Ringo" for his habit of wearing rings on every finger. Over the next few years, he played with multiple bands and gained experience as a professional drummer.

Joining the Beatles

In 1962, Ringo was asked to join the up-and-coming band The Beatles. His steady, reliable drumming balanced the band‘s more unorthodox members, and his quirky charisma added to their appeal. Ringo‘s influence as part of the Beatles‘ original lineup can‘t be overstated. He contributed unforgettable vocals on hits like "With a Little Help From My Friends," "Yellow Submarine," and "Octopus‘s Garden."

During studio sessions, Ringo provided creative input on the band‘s experimental recording techniques. Paul McCartney reflected, "He had a great gift for a hook. We‘d be struggling with something and he‘d come up with a ‘da da de dum dum.‘ He was an ideas man." The Beatles‘ legendary success owes so much to Ringo‘s talent and originality.

Post-Beatles Solo Career

Even during his Beatles years, Ringo released successful solo singles like "It Don‘t Come Easy." After the Fab Four parted ways in 1970, he continued finding solo success with albums like Sentimental Journey and Beaucoups of Blues. He also toured with the All-Starr Band and acted in films like Caveman and The Magic Christian.

Ringo told fans about his latest album What‘s My Name in 2019, "I don’t want to be in an oldies band. I don’t want to only be considered some figure from yesterday. I’m making a record of new music because I’m still passionate about playing." That enduring passion for music is what makes Ringo so beloved.

At 83, Ringo keeps touring with energy, humor, and of course, peace and love. His unmistakable drum sound and creative spirit left an indelible impact on music that continues to inspire generations. Ringo Starr forever!