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All About YouTube Baker Rosanna Pansino

All About YouTube Baker Rosanna Pansino

Rosanna Pansino is one of YouTube‘s top food influencers, delighting millions of fans with her nerdy baking creations. Here‘s an in-depth profile of this talented celebrity baker‘s journey to internet fame and fortune.

Rosanna Pansino Profile

Full Name Rosanna Reardon
Birthday June 8, 1985
Birthplace Seattle, Washington
Occupation YouTuber, Author, Actress, Baker
Years Active 2011-Present
Spouse Single
Net Worth $8 million
Subscribers 12+ million
Total Views 1.5+ billion
Twitter Followers 1.1+ million
Instagram Followers 3.4+ million
Facebook Page Likes 1.4+ million
TikTok Followers 5.2+ million


Rosanna‘s Path to YouTube Stardom

Rosanna has been baking up online success for over a decade. She launched the Nerdy Nummies channel in 2011, combining her love of nerd culture with her talent for baking.

With quirky recipes like Game of Thrones direwolf bread and Star Wars R2-D2 treats, Rosanna‘s channel took off. By 2013, she hit 1 million subscribers.

"I wanted to create a baking show focused on nerdy, fantastic, science fiction-type recipes," Rosanna stated in an interview.

Rosanna later left the Maker Studios network in 2019 to become an independent creator. She launched a second YouTube channel called "Rosanna Pansino" that same year.

Biggest Video Hits

Some of Rosanna‘s most popular creations drawing millions of views include:

  • DIY 3D Pokeball Cake
  • Princess Castle Doll Cake
  • Edible School Supplies
  • Disney Villain Cupcakes
  • Candy Land-Inspired Cake

Her best-performing video is the DIY Hungry Hungry Hippos Game Cake Tutorial, which has amassed over 48 million views since 2012.

Fun Baking Collabs

Rosanna has teamed up with other top YouTubers like Safiya Nygaard, Gaby, Molly from CakeWrecks, and many more for fun baking collabs and challenges.

Some of her most memorable collaborations include cookie decorating with Miranda Sings, a baking battle against Gloom, and testing weird baking gadgets with Shane Dawson.

Unique Baking Style and Creations

From pop culture cakes to edible DIY crafts, Rosanna‘s recipes stand out from the crowd. She comes up with novel baking ideas inspired by video games, TV shows, movies, and books.

Rosanna also launched a musical baking series called The Nerdy Nummies Musical in 2017. She released nerdy pop songs like "Pastry Time" and "Geeky Treats."

"I like making things that you wouldn‘t be able to buy in a store," said Rosanna of her one-of-a-kind creations.

Cookbooks and Products

Expanding beyond YouTube, Rosanna has released two best-selling cookbooks:

  • The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook (2016)
  • Baking All Year Round (2017)

She also sells a line of Nerdy Nummies baking gear and kitchen tools.

In 2017, Rosanna achieved a Gold Record for her album Pastry Time and a Platinum Record for The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook.

Awards and Recognition

Rosanna‘s unique style has earned her various awards and media features:

  • Shorty Award for Best YouTube Chef (2019)
  • IAWTV Award for Best Web Personality/Host (2014)
  • Named one of Forbes‘ Top Influencers and Trendsetters (2020)
  • Appeared on Forbes‘ Top-Earning YouTubers List (2018)
  • Featured in Adweek‘s Young Influentials List (2018)
  • YouTube Gold Creator Award for 10 Million Subscribers (2021)

Baking Expertise

After a decade of creating nerdy recipes, Rosanna has developed major baking skills and expertise. She impresses fans with her abilities to:

  • Flawlessly decorate imaginative custom cakes
  • Whip up picture-perfect macarons and meringues
  • Work with chocolate, fondant, gum paste, and more
  • Craft realistic cakes shaped like recognizable characters and objects
  • Infuse desserts with creative flavors based on movies, video games, etc.

Thanks to her DIY-friendly teaching style, she makes even complex techniques accessible for home bakers.

Fun Facts About Rosanna

  • She stands at just 4′10′′ tall, so baking helps her reach high shelves!
  • Rosanna‘s mom often makes cameos in her baking videos.
  • She was bullied as a kid for being nerdy but now fully embraces those quirky interests.
  • When not baking, Rosanna enjoys photography, video games and snuggling with her cats.
  • Her favorite baked goods to make are cheesecakes.
  • Rosanna has worked with Disney, Mattel, Nintendo and other major brands.
  • She loves traveling and documents her trips through photos on Instagram.

What Rosanna Means to Fans

With her joyful energy and creativity, Rosanna Pansino has won the hearts of millions of viewers. For devoted fans, she represents:

  • A positive, uplifting presence who brings people together through baking
  • An empowering role model for nerdy kids and adults
  • A source of inspiration and comfort even in tough times
  • Living proof you can turn your passion into an amazing career
  • Someone who spreads fun and happiness through her videos

For all she‘s done to inspire hobby bakers worldwide, Rosanna will continue delighting and bringing sweetness into fans‘ lives for many years to come.