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Ryan Trahan – YouTube Star and Philanthropist

Full Name: Ryan Trahan
Birthday: October 7, 1998
Age: 24
Hometown: Texas, USA
Height: 6‘3"
Relationship Status: Single
YouTube: Ryan Trahan (2.6 million subscribers)
Instagram: @ryantrahan (1 million followers)

Ryan Trahan is an American YouTube personality, vlogger, comedian, athlete, entrepreneur, and philanthropist best known for his massively popular channel where he uploads entertaining videos to motivate others. With his charismatic on-camera presence and bold vision to inspire positivity, Trahan has built an online empire that reaches millions worldwide.

Ryan‘s Early Life and Upbringing

Born in Texas, Trahan lived in a number of places growing up due to his father‘s military career. He was an active kid involved in sports like football, basketball, and track. According to Ryan, he struggled to fit in during high school and dealt with insecurity.

It wasn‘t until he started goofing around with friends making silly videos that he found his passion. After high school graduation in 2016, Ryan took some community college courses but dropped out to focus on YouTube full-time. The rest is history!

Ryan‘s Path to YouTube Success

Ryan started his YouTube channel in 2013, filled with entertaining sketch comedy videos and impressions. After struggling to gain an audience, he switched formats in 2016 to daily vlogs documenting his real life.

The decision paid off, and fans connected with his authenticity. Ryan committed to vlogging every day for 365 days straight in 2017, gaining over 200,000 new subscribers through this series. Since then, he has experimented with travel vlogs, fitness challenges, inspirational content, and collaborations.

Some of Ryan‘s stats:

  • 2.6+ million YouTube subscribers
  • 634+ million lifetime channel views
  • 1+ billion views across all platforms
  • Raised $200K+ for various charities
  • Has visited 45+ countries

Ryan‘s willingness to try new things and determination through long-term challenges like "100 Days in Africa" or "30 Days Shredded" has allowed him to continuously grow his fanbase.

Ryan‘s Personal Life and Relationships

While Ryan keeps much of his romantic life private, he has been linked in the past to fellow YouTubers like Amanda Cerny. He sometimes features his dating adventures in his vlogs. Ryan bought his dream car, a yellow Corvette Stingray, after hitting 1 million subscribers in 2018.

Ryan‘s best friends and close collaborators include YouTubers Lexi Hensler, Brawadis, and Guava Juice. When he‘s not filming videos, Ryan loves surfing, beach volleyball, photography, and traveling the world. He also has a passion for chess and enjoys sci-fi and fantasy.

Inspiring Others Through YouTube

According to Ryan, his goal with YouTube is to "inspire people to take action to improve their lives." He tackles topics like fitness, self-confidence, and motivation with humility and authenticity. Fans praise Ryan for his wholesome content that spreads good vibes.

Some quotes from Ryan on the power of positivity:

"My videos are here to help you take steps to live your dreams. Small progress compounded over time can change your life."

"Don‘t compare your Chapter 1 to someone else‘s Chapter 20. Your journey looks different from anyone else‘s."

Ryan‘s charitable efforts have also touched lives around the world. By leveraging his powerful platform, he has raised hundreds of thousands for organizations like St. Jude, Make-A-Wish, and Charity:Water. Ryan hopes to continue growing his channel and making the world a little brighter.