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Sami Clarke

Full Name Sami Clarke
Age 29
Birthday July 7, 1994
Birth Place Colombia
Relationship Status Single
Height 5‘11"
Net Worth $4 million
YouTube samuelclarke
Instagram @samclarke
Twitter @samclarke

Sami Clarke is a Colombian Youtube star known for his comedic sketches and vlogs, garnering over eight million subscribers on his channel. With his energetic personality and goofy sense of humor, Sami has become one of the most popular Spanish-speaking YouTubers today.

Early Life

Sami Clarke was born on July 7th, 1994 in Colombia. From a young age, Sami had a natural talent for making people laugh. As a teen, he started creating funny homemade videos with his siblings just for fun. Little did he know this would launch an incredibly successful career down the road.

Rise to YouTube Stardom

Sami started his YouTube channel in 2013, initially posting comedy sketches about daily life. One of his first viral hits was "When Your Mom Cleans Your Room" which garnered millions of views. As Sami gained more subscribers, he began collaborating with other top Spanish-speaking YouTubers like Juanpa Zurita and David Lopez. These collabs introduced him to wider audiences.

However, it was his videos with fellow comedian Guillermo Diaz that truly skyrocketed Sami‘s channel. Their prank collaborations like "Lie Detector Test on Girlfriend" and "Annoying My Girlfriend in Public" regularly gain over 10 million views each. The duo‘s natural rapport and outrageous antics have made them the most popular comedic team on Spanish YouTube.


In addition to Guillermo Diaz, Sami has worked with numerous other YouTubers like CaELiKe, Jentzen Ramirez, Daniela Legarda, and Manelyk. Some of his most viewed collabs include:

  • "Duct Tape Challenge with CaELiKe" (15M views)
  • "Hot Pepper Challenge with Jentzen Ramirez" (14M views)
  • "Reading My Girlfriends Texts with Manelyk" (12M views)

These collaborations have been crucial in expanding Sami‘s visibility and introducing him to new demographics. But it‘s his solo content that his loyal fans really love.

Vlogs and Sketches

Aside from collabs, Sami is best known for his humorous vlogs and sketches. His vlogs offer an inside look into his daily routines, travels, relationship, and more. Fans feel like they really get to know the real Sami through this behind-the-scenes content. His sketches like "When You Have No Friends" and "Every Latino Mom" use hyperbole and cultural commentary to hilariously parody relatable situations.

Personal Life

While Sami plays up his relationships for comedic purposes on YouTube, in his personal life he has remained single. He prefers to focus on his career and maintain privacy. Sami has two siblings – an older brother named Diego and younger sister named Elena. He remains very close with his family, though they prefer to stay out of the spotlight.

Fun Facts About Sami

  • His zodiac sign is Cancer
  • He loves outdoor activities like hiking and surfing
  • Owns two dogs named Pepe and Bruno
  • His favorite foods are pizza, sushi and hamburgers
  • He‘s a major fan of reggaeton music

For over 8 years, I‘ve been a loyal fan watching Sami‘s journey from a funny amateur comedian to global YouTube superstardom. His raw talent, charisma, and integrity have enabled him to shatter limits for Latin American content creators. Sami Clarke remains humble and gracious to fans while brightening days with humor. That‘s why his videos will always have a special place in my heart. The future is wide open for this brilliant Gen Z trailblazer!