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All About YouTube Phenomenon Sarah Baska: The Ultimate Fan Guide

Sarah Baska is a YouTube superstar, influencer, and inspiration to millions around the world. Here‘s everything longtime fans like me need to know about the hilarious viral sensation.

Quick Profile Overview:

  • 5.3 million YouTube subscribers, over 1.2 billion total video views
  • 1.5 million Instagram followers
  • 820k TikTok fans
  • 352k Twitter followers
  • Released 5 singles, peaked at #42 on iTunes charts
  • Raised over $250k for various charities

Her Meteoric Rise to YouTube Stardom

Sarah started her YouTube channel SiiGii Beauty in 2015 while studying communications in college. She quickly charmed fans with her quirky personality and relatable beauty and lifestyle videos.

After gaining momentum in college, she hit new milestones like:

  • Reaching 1 million subscribers in 2018
  • Hitting 5 million subscribers in 2021
  • Multiple videos going viral with over 50 million views each, including:
    • "Chapstick Challenge"
    • "Full Coverage Foundation for Acne Scars"
    • "Truth or Dare With My BFF"

Her most popular videos feature comedy skits and collabs with big YouTubers like Miranda Sings. Brand sponsorships from companies like FashionNova and L‘Oreal provide income.

Conquering Instagram and TikTok Too

In addition to YouTube, Sarah has gained huge followings on other social platforms:

  • 1.5 million Instagram followers – Popular posts get over 500k likes. She posts stylish fashion photos and funny Life updates
  • 820k TikTok fans – She shares lip-sync and dance videos that showcase her quirky personality
  • 352k Twitter followers – She interacts with fans daily with her signature humor

Sarah leverages her multi-platform influence to secure brand deals and campaigns.

Breaking Into Music

Sarah has dabbled in music, releasing upbeat pop singles like:

  • "Eyes on You" (2017) – Peak iTunes chart position: #42
  • "Crushing on You" (2019) – Peak iTunes chart position: #24
  • "Do It Right" (2020) – Peak iTunes chart position: #16

She often films playful music videos to go along with her songs. Collab songs with YouTubers like the Merrell Twins have expanded her audience.

Using Her Platform for Good

Giving back is important to Sarah. She has partnered with organizations like:

  • The Trevor Project – Raised $100k for LGBTQ+ youth
  • Save the Children – Raised $75k to fight child hunger

She frequently uses her platform to raise awareness for causes close to her heart.

Her Close-Knit Squad

Though quite private about her personal life, Sarah appears to have an active social circle with influencer friends like:

  • Miranda Sings – Fellow YouTube comedian
  • Merrell Twins – YouTube duo she collaborates with
  • Bretman Rock – Beauty influencer who appears in videos

She seems very close with her college BFFs who are often in vlogs. Sarah resides in L.A. near many other creators.

Fun Facts About Sarah

  • Her natural hair color is brown – she dyes it shades of purple
  • She has two cats named Lady and Sammy
  • Played volleyball in high school and college
  • Loves pop singers like Ariana Grande
  • Favorite cheat meal is pasta
  • Dreamed of being a TV host as a kid

Why Fans Adore Her

What makes Sarah so popular and beloved?

  • Hilarious wit – Her comic timing in skits is excellent
  • Relatability – She‘s the funny BFF everyone wishes they had
  • Authenticity – She keeps it real in videos and with fans
  • Creativity – Her artsy editing and style inspire fans
  • Work ethic – She consistently cranks out content fans love
  • Heart of gold – Her charity work proves she‘s as kind as she is funny

Sarah Baska is the complete package – beautiful, hilarious, genuine and creative. She truly embodies what it means to be a star for the digital age. There‘s no limit to how far this multitalented woman will soar in her career!