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Sarah‘s Day: The Aussie YouTuber Sparking Joy and Wellness

Meet the incredible Sarah Stevenson, better known as Sarah‘s Day to her 2 million devoted subscribers. At just 31 years old, this Aussie YouTuber has built an impressive lifestyle empire by staying true to herself. Here‘s an inside look at the down-to-earth star‘s rise to internet fame and impact on the wellness world.

Full Name Sarah Stevenson
Age 31
Birthday August 30, 1992
Birthplace Sydney, Australia
Height 5‘6"
Net Worth $2 million
Instagram @sarahs_day
YouTube Sarah‘s Day

Her Humble Beginnings

Sarah launched her channel in 2012 while working as a waitress, with no aspirations of internet fame. She simply saw YouTube as an outlet to share her passions like fashion, fitness, and nutrition. Early videos showed Sarah‘s silly personality through clothing hauls, travel vlogs, and healthy recipes.

Rise to YouTube Stardom

Sarah‘s channel skyrocketed when she began candidly sharing her fitness journey. Her refreshingly honest vlogs documenting workout routines and nutrition struck a chord with viewers. Fans loved her authenticity in discussing her ups and downs.

Now Sarah has over 1 billion total video views and 2 million Instagram followers. She left waitressing behind long ago to become a full-time influencer and entrepreneur. Her videos showcase fitness challenges, health tips, recipes, and advice on self-care and relationships. Everything is presented through her charmingly bubbly filter.

Why Fans Love Her

  • Authentic – She openly shares her highs and lows.
  • Relatable – Sarah tackles issues like body image and bad days that viewers relate to.
  • Uplifting – Her words of affirmation and bubbly spirit motivate fans to stay positive.
  • Informative – Sarah provides evidence-based health and nutrition facts.
  • Aspirational – She inspires followers to take small steps towards happier, healthier lives.

Fun Facts About Sarah

  • She met husband Kurt Tilse on her 30th birthday!
  • Her guilty pleasure is reality TV, especially The Bachelor.
  • Oats, sweet potato, and peanut butter are her favorite foods.
  • Sarah has a background in dance that shaped her fitness philosophy.
  • She launched an activewear brand called White Fox Boutique in 2016.

For 10 years and counting, Sarah‘s Day has spread positivity, motivation, and wellness wisdom to millions. Her meteoric rise traces back to her genuine personality and passion for helping others. This humble Aussie‘s commitment to lifting people up reveals the power of staying true to yourself.