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Shari Franke – The Positive and Uplifting YouTube Star

Full Name Shari Franke
Age 20 years old
Birthday March 3, 2003
Born United States
YouTube Sharine (1M+ subscribers)
Instagram @sharifranke (500k+ followers)

Shari Franke, known by her YouTube channel ‘Sharine‘, is an American social media star best known for her positive and uplifting content that inspires her millions of subscribers. With her infectious enthusiasm and creative videos, she has become a role model for young girls across the world.

Shari Franke Timeline

  • 2015: Launched her YouTube channel as a teenager, posting dance videos and makeup tutorials
  • 2017: Reached 100k subscribers from her DIY style and beauty content
  • 2018: Began sharing more personal videos on confidence, mental health and self-love
  • 2019: Hit 1 million subscribers as her popularity skyrocketed
  • Today: Works with top brands like L‘Oreal and Ulta while remaining committed to uplifting content

Why We Love Shari Franke

There are so many reasons Shari Franke has become a beloved star:

  • Her positivity is infectious – she radiates joy and motivates fans
  • She‘s extremely relatable and honest about imperfections
  • Creativity shines through in her quirky videos
  • Shari is real and doesn‘t pretend to be perfect
  • She inspires young girls to embrace their inner beauty

5 Interesting Facts About Shari Franke

  1. Shari has a background in musical theater and remains passionate about performing.
  2. Her favorite beauty products are mascara and lip gloss – she‘s rocked bold lashes for years!
  3. She dreams of creating her own brand of scented candles someday.
  4. Shari uses her platform to advocate for dog adoption and rescue.
  5. Her dream vacation destination is Bora Bora – she hopes to travel there soon!

The Impact of Shari Franke

With her positivity and feel-good vibes, Shari uplifts her 1 million+ subscribers daily. She motivates young viewers to:

  • Feel confident and beautiful
  • Overcome insecurities and comparison
  • Embrace their unique gifts and talents
  • Spread more joy through small acts of kindness

As her star continues to rise, Shari Franke remains focused on bringing light into people‘s lives and making the online world a little brighter.

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