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Get to Know the Queen of Nail Art: Simply Nailogical

With her creative designs and quirky comedy, Simply Nailogical has won over millions of fans on YouTube. But who is the talented woman behind this popular channel? Here‘s an in-depth look at the life and career of Simply Nailogical.

Full Name Cristine Raquel Rotenberg
Age 34
Birthday October 17, 1988
Birth Sign Libra
Born Canada
Relationship Status In a relationship
Height 5‘ 4"
Net Worth Estimated $10 million
YouTube Subscribers Over 7 million
Instagram Followers Over 800,000
Notable Awards 2018 People‘s Choice Award for Favorite YouTube Star

Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / TikTok / YouTube

All About the Creator of Simply Nailogical

Cristine Raquel Rotenberg is a famous Canadian YouTuber known for her nail art videos on Simply Nailogical, amassing over 7 million subscribers. Born on October 17, 1988, Cristine has won over audiences with her artistic manicures and quirky sense of humor.

The 34-year-old star was born in Toronto but grew up moving between Ontario and Saskatchewan. Cristine has a Master‘s degree in forensic science and originally worked in law enforcement. However, her creative side eventually led her to start a YouTube channel in 2014.

Initially posting simple nail art tutorials and reviews, Cristine‘s channel took off once she brought her witty personality and comedy chops into the mix. Viral videos like "How to Make Clickbait Nail Art" displayed her talent for turning nail trends into laugh-out-loud entertainment.

Cristine also introduced memorable fictional characters like the extravagant Holo Taco, CEO of a fictional nail polish company. This absurdist humor combined with stunning nail art captured fans‘ hearts.

Simply Nailogical has since amassed over 7 million subscribers, won the People’s Choice Award for Favorite YouTube Star, and launched a successful nail polish brand. Cristine continues to post daily, showcasing new designs, testing DIY hacks, and collaborating with her boyfriend Ben.

Why Fans Adore Cristine Rotenberg and Simply Nailogical

From humble bedroom nail tutorials to YouTube stardom, what is it about Cristine that attracts millions of fans? Here‘s why viewers can‘t get enough of Simply Nailogical.

1. Hilarious Absurdist Comedy

While many YouTubers simply teach beauty skills, Cristine infuses absurd humor into her content. From silly songs to satirical characters, Cristine is down for anything if it gets a laugh. Her commitment to looking ridiculous makes her videos infinitely rewatchable.

2. Artistic Talent and Endless Creativity

At her core, Cristine is insanely talented at nail art. She consistently designs mind-blowing manicures, from 3D landscapes to optical illusions. Cristine also fearlessly experiments with the latest viral trends, even if they end in disaster. Her creativity is truly inspiring.

3. Humble Relatability

Despite her fame, Cristine remains down-to-earth and humble on camera. She frequently pokes fun at herself and shares personal stories, endearing her to viewers. Cristine‘s relatable authenticity makes fans feel like they personally know her.

4. Admirable Passion and Work Ethic

It‘s obvious from her daily videos that Cristine genuinely loves what she does. Her passion for nail art shines through, even after nearly a decade on YouTube. Fans adore her commitment to creating content and chasing her dreams.

5. The ‘Bean‘ Romance

In 2018, Cristine began collaborating with her boyfriend Ben, nicknamed ‘Bean.‘ Their cute chemistry and couple challenges have added a new layer of enjoyment for fans. Getting to see their relationship blossom has been a treat.

Top Videos for Simply Nailogical Newbies

Want to get acquainted with Cristine Rotenberg and Simply Nailogical? Here are 5 classic videos that best showcase her brand of nail art skills and absurdist humor.

1. Holo Taco Review

This hilarious video introduced Cristine‘s fictional nail polish brand Holo Taco and its eccentric CEO character. The over-the-top presentation and absurd polishes are comedy gold.

2. Testing Viral Nail Hacks

Cristine tests insane viral nail trends like using ramen noodles and condoms as manicure tools. Her hilarious reactions and commentary make this video a must-see.

3. Mixing 100+ Nail Polishes Together

One of Cristine‘s most popular videos involves mixing all her polishes into one unwearable murky color. This level of commitment to nail art comedy cemented her reputation.

4. Simply Not Logical Song and Music Video

This absurdist musical number about Cristine‘s strange habits has over 9 million views. It shows off her impressive range as an entertainer.

5. 1 Year of Nail Art in 10 Minutes

This compilation video condenses a year‘s worth of nail art into a mesmerizing 10-minute montage. It really highlights Cristine‘s astonishing creativity and productivity.

Fun Facts All Fans Should Know

From her polish preferences to surprising jobs, here are 5 fascinating facts about the creator of Simply Nailogical.

  • Cristine has a Master‘s degree in forensic science and worked in law enforcement.
  • She was born in Toronto but grew up moving between Ontario and Saskatchewan.
  • Cristine struggles with endometriosis, anxiety, ADHD and other health issues.
  • Her favorite nail styles include neon, holographic, glitter and chrome.
  • She met boyfriend Ben in university; he began appearing in her videos in 2018.

The Final Word on Simply Nailogical

For nearly a decade, Cristine Rotenberg has won over YouTube with her artistic manicures and quirky comedy. What began as simple nail tutorials evolved into a passion project sharing Cristine‘s many talents.

From relatable humor to fearless creativity, it‘s easy to see why millions adore Simply Nailogical. She represents the best of beauty YouTube, inspiring fans with her passion while making them laugh along the way.