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Sodapoppin Guide: Streams, Setup, Earnings, and Settings

Who is Sodapoppin?

Sodapoppin, real name Thomas Chance Morris, is one of the most popular and longest-running streamers on Twitch. Since starting his streaming career in 2012 playing World of Warcraft, he has amassed over 8.8 million followers on Twitch and 1.1 million subscribers on YouTube.

Known for his sarcastic humor and skillful gaming abilities, Sodapoppin helped kickstart the streaming revolution and inspired many current top streamers. He continues to be one of the largest US-based Twitch streamers in terms of followers and subscribers.

Gaming Setup and Equipment

As a full-time streamer gaming for long hours daily, Sodapoppin utilizes high-end gear to enable smooth, professional-quality streams.

Mouse: Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB

This specialized MMO/MOBA gaming mouse features 12 side buttons for binding hotkeys and macros. The textured keycaps and Key Slider control provide tactile feedback for confident, eyes-free navigation. At $105, it‘s a smart upgrade for serious gamers but may be overkill for casual users.

Keyboard: Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire

The aircraft-grade aluminum frame and Cherry MX Speed key switches on this $80 mechanical keyboard deliver durability and rapid inputs. The RGB backlighting offers customizable visual flair. While pricier than typical membrane keyboards, mechanical boards like this provide a big boost to gaming responsiveness.

Headset: Plantronics RIG 800 LX

This wireless gaming headset gives Sodapoppin lag-free game audio and chat thanks to its 24 hour battery life. The Dolby Atmos surround sound helps immerse you in gameplay, while noise cancelling improves audio clarity. At around $95, it hits the sweet spot between price and performance.

Monitor: Asus ROG PG278Q

The 27-inch QHD display and 144Hz refresh rate on this $720 gaming monitor provide Sodapoppin with sharp, fluid visuals. Nvidia G-Sync support further smooths out frame rate. Adjustability features let him tweak the monitor setup for ergonomic longevity during lengthy streaming sessions. For non-competitive gamers though, a 60Hz monitor would suffice at a fraction of the price.

VR System: HTC Vive Virtual Reality System

The room-scale VR gameplay enabled by this $415 system allows Sodapoppin to fully immerse in virtual worlds. However, the space requirements make this premium VR kit less practical for many. For streamers without a full room to dedicate, the cheaper Oculus Quest 2 delivers solid VR gaming through movement-limited stationary setups.

Microphone: Shure SM7B

This $400 professional studio mic rejects off-axis audio to give Sodapoppin‘s voice a clear, authoritative broadcasting quality. The cardioid pickup pattern effectively eliminates ambient noises like computer fans and keyboards clicks. While excellent for dedicated full-time streaming, such an expensive mic may not suit smaller hobbyist streamers.

Chair: Herman Miller Embody

This ergonomically-designed chair provides multi-layered pixelated support that distributes weight evenly, preventing back pain during long streaming sessions. However, with a $1700 price tag, it is a costly chair that only lucrative full-time streamers like Sodapoppin can reasonably afford. Most gamers would be better served with much cheaper ergonomic chairs in the $250 range.

Graphics Card: Asus ROG Strix GeForce GTX 1080

The overclocked 11GB GDDR5X graphics memory allows Sodapoppin‘s GPU to render graphically intense modern games with high frame rates for fluid 1080p or 1440p streaming. However, with GPU prices having dropped significantly in 2023 following crypto mining declines, gamers can now get solid mid-range cards like the RTX 3060 that deliver strong 1080p performance for under $300.

Streaming Earnings and Net Worth

According to various reports, Sodapoppin now has an estimated net worth around $11 million. The bulk of his earnings comes from subscribers and donations from his Twitch streaming, which alone likely provides around $100k+ in monthly income.

On top of that, his YouTube channel bringing in decent revenue from ad views. He also occasionally takes on paid sponsorships and promotions for brands and products like gaming gear and services. Though he doesn‘t promote it often, Sodapoppin merch sales likely contribute a small share too.

Compared to other top streamers, Sodappopin‘s focus is more on gaming rather than variety IRL streams. While this may limit his revenue growth potential, it also keeps his streams centered on the gaming expertise that built his loyal audience originally.

Impact on Gaming Trends

Beyond the raw numbers, Sodapoppin has proven highly influential in the gaming world by popularizing titles among his followers. Most notably, he played a key role in kicking off the Among Us craze in late 2020.

As one of the first major streamers to showcase the game, his streams introduced Among Us to a wider audience and triggered a domino effect of other streamers catching on. Within months, Among Us viewership skyrocketed from less than 20k average to over 150k, becoming a global phenomenon.

Sodapoppin has also made shrewd moves like becoming a co-owner of eSports organization Northern Gaming, later acquired by NRG Esports. This demonstrated his business savvy and ability to convert streaming success into larger gaming industry influence.

Game Settings

While Sodapoppin plays a variety games on stream, World of Warcraft has always been his specialty and primary draw for dedicated fans.

For WoW, his gameplay strategy focuses on maximizing DPS output from abilities like Mighty Bash and Heart of the Wild. Defensively, he binds key movement abilities like Stampeding Roar to Shift + X for rapid reactions.

Rather than lots of complicated macros, he keeps hotkeys simple using 1-5 and binds interrupt skills directly to his mouse buttons for quick response times. This allows smooth navigation of the keybinds menu while focusing attention on mastering his character‘s toolkit.

The Takeaway

As one of the pioneering Twitch streamers, Sodapoppin has turned his gaming passion into a multi-million dollar career thanks to business savvy and understanding of what excites gaming fans.

While his focus remains on showcasing gameplay skill rather than flashy personality, he smartly invests his earning into premium streaming gear that keeps production standards high. This in turn allows him to deliver the immersive, smooth streams his fanbase loves watching daily.

For streamers looking to learn from experts, Sodapoppin provides a textbook case of how to convert raw gaming talent into streaming longevity. Savvy equipment choices, gameplay expertise and smart trend spotting sustain his popularity more than almost any other streamer from Twitch‘s early days. While his sarcastic, abrasive attitude won‘t suit all streamers, elements of his stream layout, gear selections and gaming strategies offer useful best practices to apply.