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Meet Sommer Ray: Instagram‘s Rising Star

Full Name: Sommer Ray
Birthday: September 15, 1996
Birth Place: Denver, Colorado, United States
Age: 26
Height: 5‘ 6‘‘ (168 cm)
Net Worth: $8 million
Social Media: Instagram, YouTube, TikTok

Sommer Ray is an Instagram star, model and fitness enthusiast with over 25 million followers. She‘s become one of the biggest rising celebrities on social media thanks to her fun-loving personality and unique sense of style. As a longtime fan who‘s been following Sommer since the early days, I‘m excited to see her fame continue to skyrocket!

Her Background and Upbringing in Colorado

Sommer Ray was born on September 15, 1996 in Denver, Colorado. She grew up with her mom, Shannon Ray, and her three siblings – two sisters Savana and Amber, and a brother named Sean. Fitness was central to Sommer‘s family. Her dad was a professional bodybuilder and her mom was a bikini competitor.

From a young age, Sommer was extremely active and athletic. She started competing in soccer at age 5, then got into track and dance as she grew older. However, Sommer faced bullying in school due to her curvy, muscular physique. She ended up being homeschooled during her high school years.

During this time, Sommer discovered Instagram as a creative outlet. She started posting photos showcasing her fit, curvy body. Little did she know where this passion would take her!

Her Meteoritic Rise to Instagram Fame

Sommer opened her Instagram account @sommerray in 2015, initially just posting harmless selfies. But her pictures quickly amassed a following thanks to her stunning looks and fit figure. By 2016, she skyrocketed past 1 million Instagram followers.

Sommer began posting more health and fitness related content – sharing workout videos, recipes, and makeup tutorials. Fans couldn‘t get enough of her bubbly personality and motivational, yet relatable content.

In 2017, Sommer was named one of Maxim‘s "Hot 100", which helped launch her into mainstream fame. Today, she boasts 25.3 million Instagram followers and remains one of the top influencers on the platform. Her growth has been truly meteoric!

Modeling Career Highlights

It wasn‘t long before Sommer started booking major modeling gigs. She‘s captured the industry‘s attention with her curvy-yet-fit physique and unique look.

Some of Sommer‘s modeling highlights include:

  • Appearing in Galore, YRB and WorldStarHipHop magazines
  • Starring in ads for FashionNova, Bang Energy and PrettyLittleThing
  • Walking the runway at Milan Fashion Week for Dolce & Gabbana
  • Appearing in 24Hrs‘ music video for "Hopscotch"
  • Partnering with Savage X Fenty for their fashion shows
  • Acting as a brand ambassador for KO Watches

As her fame grows, I have no doubt Sommer will be walking runways and starring in campaigns for all the top fashion houses!

Her Expanding Business Empire

Beyond just modeling, Sommer Ray has been building her very own business empire:

  • In 2018, she launched her own athleisure line, Sommer Ray Collection. The line includes trendy leggings, sports bras, and workout gear.
  • That same year, she debuted a jewelry line called EmiRae by Sommer Ray. Her accessories are feminine and dainty.
  • Sommer has her own merchandise line featuring her signature phrases and logos on apparel.
  • She partners with numerous brands as an influencer on sponsored campaigns and ads.
  • In 2020, Sommer released her first single as a rapper called "BOOTY" featuring YouTube star RiceGum.

It‘s impressive to see Sommer branching out as an entrepreneur and leveraging her fame into business success. Her hustle and drive is truly inspiring!

Inside Her Hit YouTube Channel

In 2017, Sommer launched her self-titled YouTube channel, which now has over 1.5 million subscribers tuning in. She gives fans an inside look into her life through vlogs, comedy sketches, Q&As and more.

Some of my personal favorite videos include:

  • Her testing out Kylie Jenner‘s viral recipes
  • Trying TikTok dances and trends
  • Reading out mean comments about her body and turning them positive
  • A Day in the Life vlogs showing her workout routines, meals, glam sessions

Sommer‘s YouTube channel highlights her bubbly personality and fun sense of humor. She comes across as extremely genuine and down-to-earth.

Fun Facts All Sommer Ray Fans Should Know

Over the years following Sommer Ray‘s career, I‘ve gathered some fun facts that give insight into who she is:

  • Her favorite foods are sushi and pizza. She loves to cheat on her diet with a good slice!
  • Sommer has 10 known tattoos, including one on her ribcage that says "be kind."
  • She adores animals, especially her two pet Pomeranians named Thor and Loki.
  • Belly dancing is one of her many talents!
  • Her dream acting gig is to play Wonder Woman.
  • Sommer prefers a natural, minimal makeup look rather than caked-on glam.
  • She looks up to female entrepreneurs like Paris Hilton, Rihanna and Kim Kardashian.

Why Fans Adore Sommer Ray

As a loyal fan for years now, I want to highlight the key reasons Sommer Ray has amassed such a dedicated following:

  • She tirelessly promotes body positivity and self-love. Sommer embraces her curves and helps women feel confident.
  • Her content is fun and entertaining. She never fails to crack me up!
  • Sommer is relatable and engaging with fans. She responds to comments and makes us feel like real friends.
  • She advocates for female empowerment. Sommer wants to inspire young girls to fearlessly pursue their dreams.
  • Her incredible work ethic is motivational. Sommer is always hustling to achieve her goals.

Sommer Ray is the complete package – beautiful, funny, driven and down to earth. It has been amazing watching her career take off over the years. She 100% deserves all the success and fame she has achieved through determination and being true to herself. The sky is the limit for this talented social media queen!