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Spencer Pratt: Reality TV‘s Most Notorious Villain Turned Family Man

Brief Profile of Spencer Pratt

Full Name: Spencer William Pratt

Age: 40 years old (Born August 14, 1983)

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, United States

Star Sign: Leo

Height: 6‘0"

Relationship Status: Married to Heidi Montag since 2008

Children: 1 son, Gunner Stone (b. 2017)

Social Media:

Net Worth: Estimated $500,000

Known For: Being on MTV‘s The Hills, Marrying Heidi Montag, Causing Drama on Reality TV

From The Hills Heartthrob to Real Crystals Connoisseur

As a long-time fan who has followed Spencer Pratt‘s journey from his early days on The Hills to today, it has been incredible watching his evolution. When Spencer first came onto the reality TV scene in 2007 as Heidi Montag‘s boyfriend, he knew how to play up the villain role to perfection. With his sharp tongue, non-stop pot stirring, and messy relationship drama, Spencer quickly became the bad boy everyone loved to hate.

Of course, his on-again/off-again romance with Heidi only added fuel to the fire. Their seemingly unstable relationship provided endless entertainment and headlines for fans like myself who just couldn‘t look away. Even when they eloped in 2008, barely anyone expected Spencer and Heidi to last.

But now, over a decade later, the Pratts are still going strong. As Spencer nears 40, he has stepped back from his dramatic reality TV days and lives a quieter life focused on his marriage and being a dad. While he still shares his uncensored takes on pop culture, Spencer directs most of his energy into his true passion: crystals and spiritual healing.

Yes, that‘s right – the man who once tossed dollar bills into a fireplace for fun on The Hills is now a full-fledged crystal healer advocating meditation and good vibes. And you know what? I am absolutely here for this glow up.

Pulling Back the Curtain: 5 Fascinating Facts on Spencer

Even after following Spencer for so many years, there are still new sides to discover about this complex reality star. Here are 5 fascinating facts that provide more insight into the man behind the persona:

  • Spencer graduated from USC in 2005 with a degree in International Relations. Contrary to his party boy image, he has always been very intelligent and ambitious.
  • He claims to have had a genuine psychic prediction at age 18 that foretold his fame and marriage to Heidi Montag. Spooky!
  • Spencer is a major bookworm who loves getting lost in sci-fi and fantasy novels. Some of his favorites are the Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones series.
  • Dinosaur toys make up part of his extensive collection. Spencer is a big dinosaur fanatic and even received some dino figurines for his 30th birthday.
  • Despite his infamous feud with Lauren Conrad on The Hills, Spencer recently admitted he respects her success as an entrepreneur.

Tracing Spencer‘s Evolution from Bad Boy to Family Man

Looking back on Spencer‘s full career arc, his transformation is striking. After The Hills ended, Spencer leaned further into his "villain" persona during stints on other reality shows like Celebrity Big Brother and Marriage Boot Camp. He seemed to thrive off drama and controversy.

But becoming a father in 2017 changed Spencer‘s perspective. He and Heidi have worked hard to grow together as a couple and parents. Spencer dotes on his "Pratt Baby" Gunner and often shares funny and sweet snapshots of their family life.

While still outspoken, this updated "Pratt Daddy" prefers playing with crystals over stirring up trouble. He even attributes crystals with saving his life and marriage during darker times.

And on the rare times Spencer does re-engage with reality TV gossip like The Hills reboot, he does so with humor and honesty about how much he has changed since those wild early days.

What‘s Next for the Reformed Pratt Patriarch?

It has been incredible watching Spencer Pratt‘s personal evolution from a troublemaking reality star to a spiritual family man. While fame clearly once had its hooks in Spencer, he seems more grounded and mature today as he approaches 40.

Of course, I know he will always be the same blunt, unfiltered narrator we came to either love or hate on those dramatic early seasons of The Hills. But Spencer now funnels that energy into his marriage, fatherhood, crystals, and relatable takes on pop culture rather than non-stop feuding.

Personally, I cannot wait to see what this new era has in store for the Pratt family. As both a reality TV fan since the beginning and now a genuine supporter of Spencer‘s transformation, I know there are still many exciting chapters left in his story.