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Steve-O – The Wild Stuntman and Jackass Star

Full Name: Stephen Gilchrist Glover
Born: June 13, 1974 in London, England
Age: 49 Years Old
Net Worth: $2.5 Million
Social Media: Facebook

As a long-time Steve-O fan, I‘m thrilled to provide this in-depth profile exploring his wild, reckless rise to fame, battles with addiction, inspiring recovery, and enduring status as an icon of crazy stunt comedy. Let‘s take a wild ride through his life!

An Early Life of Misbehavior and Mayhem

Steve-O, born Stephen Glover, grew up traveling the world with his family due to his father‘s executive job at PepsiCo. As a bored, hyperactive child prone to mischief, Steve-O first found his passion for making people laugh by acting out and pulling pranks. He was kicked out of multiple schools for problematic behavior, including lighting his desk on fire!

In high school and college, Steve-O struggled to find direction in conventional academics. He eventually dropped out of the University of Miami to join a flea market traveling circus, where he honed his risk-taking talents by learning fire breathing, sword swallowing, and …regurgitating goldfish! This experience paved the way for his outrageous entertainer persona.

The Birth of "Steve-O" and Rise to Fame

To fully devote himself to comedy stunts, Stephen adopted the clown name "Steve-O." In the late 90s, he began filming himself performing stunts and pranks to send to Big Brother magazine. These outlandish videos, including stapling his scrotum to his leg, landed him a spot on the new MTV show Jackass alongside fellow lunatic Johnny Knoxville.

Steve-O immediately stood out for his willingness to do ANYTHING for the sake of entertainment. He engaged in masochistic, nauseating, and extremely dangerous acts during filming like tightrope walking over alligators, piercing his cheeks with fish hooks, and slamming himself face-first into a steel bar. His absurd pain tolerance and lack of shame quickly made him a fan favorite.

I‘ll never forget laughing hysterically watching Steve-O‘s segments as a teenager. Seeing him chomp on a rotten egg omelette or get repeatedly punched in the groin was gross, shocking, but so captivating. He embodied the crass, prankish humor that made Jackass an instant hit.

Spiraling Addiction and Near-Death Experiences

While Jackass propelled Steve-O to fame, it also exposed him to a hard-partying lifestyle. When the show ended in 2002, he struggled without the constant stimulus. His drug use escalated to serious addictions to alcohol, cocaine, ketamine, PCP, and nitrous oxide. He even developed a habit of huffing ether and once caused himself to pass out and nearly died on his own vomit!

In 2003, Steve-O was arrested for disorderly conduct and receiving a probation sentence for an infamous prank where he pooped in the bathroom of a Colorado music store. His addictions resulted in increasingly erratic behavior and brushes with death. My heart sank seeing his rapid downward spiral, knowing his outrageous persona hid inner turmoil.

After two stints in rehab, a suicide attempt, and a psych hold, Steve-O finally got clean in 2008. He credits his sobriety to adopting a vegan lifestyle and turning to yoga, which allowed him to find excitement in healthier ways.

A Comeback and Second Act

Determined to stay sober, Steve-O dedicated himself to stand-up comedy – drawing from his ridiculous life for material. He shared his story on shows like Dancing With the Stars and Comedy Central roasts. He returned for Jackass sequels, published memoirs, and grew a YouTube following posting stunts like bee bearding and the infamous SeaWorld whale carcass incident!

Seeing Steve-O turn his life around has been incredibly inspiring. He takes his fame as a chance to advocate for animal rights and shed light on addiction. Now nearly 15 years sober, Steve-O still has that wild spark – but channels it productively rather than self-destructively.

Why Steve-O Is an Enduring Icon

Looking back, I‘m amazed by Steve-O‘s career, from clown college drop-out to famous stunt performer. Here‘s why he remains a relevant icon today:

  • His willingness to sacrifice his body for entertainment – stapling his genitals, piercing his face, covering himself in rotting meat – cemented his insane reputation.
  • He has a magnetic, likable charisma and enthusiasm that makes you root for him even during vulgar stunts.
  • His openness about addiction and mental health creates a raw connection with fans who relate to struggles.
  • He evolved with the times, transitioning to social media platforms and podcasts to stay relevant.
  • He uses his platform positively for activism rather than more self-harm.

Steve-O is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. I can‘t wait to see what hilarious stunts and projects he takes on next! He will forever be the craziest, most daring performer from my generation.