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Steven Jo, the Comedic Rapper Taking Over Social Media

Full Name Steven Jo
Age 31
Birthday July 3, 1992
Birth Sign Cancer
Born United States
Relationship Unknown
Height 5‘9
Net Worth $2 million

Steven Jo, born on July 3, 1992, is an American rapper known for his witty lyrics and smooth flows, crafting bangers such as "Transportin‘" and "No Hooks." With his hilarious videos and catchy tracks, Jo has quickly become a viral sensation across social media.

Early Life and Background

Jo grew up in San Francisco, California where he first found his passion for music, comedy, and performance. As a kid, he loved making up silly raps and jokes to entertain his friends and family. In high school, Jo started taking his songwriting more seriously, filling notebooks with lyric ideas and sketches.

After graduation, Jo attended community college while continuing to hone his craft. He started sharing his goofy rap songs and sketch videos on platforms like YouTube and Vine. Though initially just a hobby, Jo‘s unique comedic style soon struck a chord with audiences.

Rise to Fame on Social Media

Jo‘s fanbase grew steadily through the late 2010s as he released more outrageous music videos and funny song parodies. But it was his 2018 single "The Cliche" that propelled him to viral fame. The witty satire of rap tropes highlighted Jo‘s trademark humor and impressive wordplay. It now has over 5 million YouTube views.

Other popular tracks like "No Hooks," "Bruh" and "Mac Miller Who?" further showcased Jo‘s talent for comedy rap. His videos incorporate hilarious sketch comedy, cartoon animations, and pop culture references. Soon Jo became one of the most recognizable comedic rappers online.

TikTok and Continued Success

In recent years, Jo has found major success on TikTok where his songs are used in hundreds of thousands of videos. Clips of Jo‘s music videos or comedy sketches often go viral on the platform. As of 2022, his TikTok account has over 2.4 million followers.

Comedic Style and Influences

Jo‘s music is defined by punchlines, exaggerated bravado, self-deprecation, and satirical social commentary. He frequently pokes fun at rap cliches and modern life in our technology-driven world. Major influences on his comedic style include:

  • Weird Al Yankovic
  • The Lonely Island
  • Bo Burnham
  • Zach Sherwin
  • EpicLLOYD

In sketches, Jo displays his natural improv comedy chops through eccentric characters and physical humor. His high-energy personality and goofy caricatures have drawn comparisons to Jim Carrey.

Future Plans

As his social media fame continues to grow, Jo has made a name for himself as rap‘s jester prince. While committed to keep releasing hilarious tracks for his millions of fans, Jo also plans to pursue acting. With his natural comedic talent and improv skills, many believe big things await Jo on screens big and small.

No matter what the future holds, Jo‘s unique blend of music and comedy is sure to bring laughter to audiences for years to come. We can‘t wait to see what this creative jokester does next!