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Surgical Goblin: The Clinical Dutch StarCraft II Mastermind

Full Name Xander den Uijl
Age 23
Birthday December 15, 1999
Birthplace Netherlands
Height 5 ft 11 in (180 cm)
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth $200,000
Social Media Twitter, Twitch, Instagram

At just 23 years old, Surgical Goblin has already etched his name into StarCraft II history as one of the most strategically gifted and clinical pro gamers in the world. With calculative decision-making and flawless execution, he has dismantled opponents and captured titles across Europe. Today, he sits comfortably amongst the elite in the global SC2 rankings – an incredible feat for someone so early in his career.

From Competitive Gamer to The Competitive Gamer

Long before he was scouted for esports greatness, Surgical Goblin grew up in the Netherlands harboring a passion for competitive gaming. He competed in school chess tournaments, relishing the chance to out-think opponents in head-to-head battle.

According to his mother, he spent countless childhood hours perfecting strategies in popular real-time strategy franchises like Age of Empires and StarCraft. She recalls 9-year-old Surgical Goblin staying up well past bedtime, fine-tuning build orders and unit compositions against AI enemies.

By his mid-teens, he had already conquered the Dutch competitive Clash Royale scene, winning local tournaments with cunning management of his card cycle. But it wasn‘t until his switch to StarCraft II that Surgical Goblin truly unlocked his world-class potential…

The Clinical Playstyle That Shook Europe

Surgical Goblin‘s calculated, economic style is a marvel to behold. He meticulously gathers intel on his opponents‘ typical strategies before tailoring clinical counter-attacks. In his own words:

"My playstyle is like a surgeon dissecting his opponent. I gather information, diagnose their weaknesses, and execute a precise killing blow."

This clinical approach allows him to deflect aggressive opponents and sculpt seamless transitions between build orders. Once he finds a weakness, Surgical Goblin is relentless in exploiting it to its fullest.

At DreamHack Valencia 2019, Surgical Goblin demonstrated his surgical precision against Reynor in a brilliant series. Down 0-2, he adjusted his unit composition and upgraded timings to successfully deny Reynor‘s Nydus Worm harassment. He then dismantled Reynor‘s economy with flawlessly controlled Oracle harass, taking the next 3 maps and the series.

Carving His Name Among Legends

For a highlight reel of Surgical Goblin‘s incredible achievements over the past few years, look no further than these moments:

  • 2020 DreamHack Masters Summer – Overcame a scrappy Clem in a tense 2-3 victory to secure his first premier tournament win.
  • 2021 IEM Katowice – Fended off Zest‘s powerful late-game Skytoss armies through expert use of Ghosts and Vikings.
  • 2022 GSL vs The World – Solved Rogue‘s puzzling Nydus/Lurker strategies by walling off with strategic Barracks placements.

Despite being younger than many competitors, Surgical Goblin plays with poise beyond his years. He has qualified for the end-of-year Global Finals three seasons in a row – rarefied territory among pro gamers. And with clinical precision, he dismantles legends and rising stars alike.

The Future of Dutch Esports

As one of the Netherlands‘ most accomplished pro gamers, Surgical Goblin has become a household name in the Dutch gaming community. Kids and teens admire his dedication and strategic genius. He has single-handedly placed the Netherlands on the worldwide esports stage.

Surgical Goblin streams regularly to his expanding fanbase, explaining his moves with humility and humor. His fans appreciate how he balances his clinical precision with down-to-earth charm. Behind the keyboard, he is an ice-cold slayer capable of surgical dissections. Away from the spotlight, he is a cheerful mentor passing wisdom to the next generation of gamers following in his footsteps.

At just 23 years old, Surgical Goblin is only beginning to tap into his seemingly limitless potential. The future looks bright for this clinical Dutch legend – and for the Netherlands‘ burgeoning esports footprint. We can‘t wait to see what surgical slayings he has in store next!