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Takeoff – The Flow Master of Migos

As a long-time hip hop fanatic, I‘m thrilled to provide a deep dive into the incredibly talented rapper Takeoff. Though often overlooked, Takeoff is one of the most gifted and influential lyricists in trap music today. As a core member of Migos, Takeoff has shaped hip hop with his trademark flows, witty bars, and non-stop verbal acrobatics. Get to know this rap icon with his complete bio profile below:

Full Name Kirshnik Khari Ball
Stage Name Takeoff
Birthday June 18, 1994
Age 29 Years Old
Hometown Lawrenceville, Georgia
Associated Acts Migos, Lil Yachty, Drake, Gucci Mane
Record Label Capitol, Motown, Quality Control
Net Worth $26 Million
Social Media Facebook

The Early Life of Takeoff in Georgia

Born on June 18, 1994, Takeoff grew up in Gwinnett County, Georgia – just outside the Atlanta metro area – alongside his fellow Migos members Quavo and Offset. He was raised in suburban Lawrenceville by a close-knit family and developed a passion for hip hop at a young age.

As the story goes, Takeoff, Quavo, and Offset met in middle school and began rapping together as teens in 2008. Calling themselves Polo Club, the trio started crafting their signature Migos sound built on slippery triplet flows and syrupy Atlanta trap production.

According to Offset, it was Takeoff‘s uncle Quavo who first put together the group and encouraged his nephew Takeoff to pursue rapping. As Migos, the three family members began releasing mixtapes locally and building a buzz around Lawrenceville, Georgia.

Even on these early tracks, Takeoff stood out for his technical lyricism and dexterous speed-rapping abilities. While Offset and Quavo emerged as charismatic stars, Takeoff continually wowed true hip hop heads with his verbal finesse and buttery-smooth flow.

The Formation and Rise of Migos

Migos began making serious waves in Atlanta‘s rap scene with their breakout mixtapes Juug Season (2012) and Y.R.N. (Young Rich Niggas) in 2013. Their unique, rapid-fire triplet flow and infectious delivery made Migos‘ style instantly recognizable.

Tracks like "Bando" and "Hannah Montana" showcased the group‘s sonic chemistry with Takeoff supplying quick-witted bars to offset Quavo‘s melodic hooks. As they continued dropping mixtapes and regional hits, Migos‘ starpower rose around Georgia and the South.

Migos went viral nationwide for the first time with their smash hit "Versace" in 2013. The track peaked at #99 on the Billboard Hot 100 and had the whole country mimicking Quavo‘s catchy hook and Takeoff‘s slick triplet verse. It was Takeoff‘s breakneck 16 bar verse that really stole the show and left rap fans craving more.

Thanks to the crossover success of "Versace", Migos‘ stock skyrocketed as they signed to 300 Entertainment and prepared their official debut album. Takeoff continued to impress with his verbal acrobatics on their 2015 debut album Yung Rich Nation. Standout tracks like "One Time" and "Pipe It Up" became hits largely off the strength of Takeoff‘s wizardry on the mic.

Reaching Legendary Status with Culture

In early 2017, Migos cemented themselves as hip hop superstars with the release of Culture. Fueled by the meteoric success of "Bad and Boujee", the album debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 and earned Migos worldwide fame.

While Quavo sang infectious hooks and Offset brought uncontrolled energy, it was Takeoff who stole the show with his technical prowess on tracks like "T-Shirt" and "Slippery". Throughout the album, Takeoff unleashes some of the fastest, most complex rhyme schemes heard in modern trap music.

Seriously, just listen to Takeoff‘s masterful verse on "Deadz". The way he effortlessly strings together dense internal rhymes and switches up his flow is mind-blowing. There‘s a reason Andre 3000 labeled him one of the best rappers alive.

With Culture, Migos had perfected their chemically-altered trap sound. And at the core of that sound was Takeoff‘s one-of-a-kind rhyme schemes and syllable-blurring triplet flows. Both a critical and commercial smash, Culture cemented Migos as definitive trap superstars.

Takeoff‘s Standout Style as a Lyricist

Though he often gets overlooked in Migos‘ powerful trio, Takeoff is truly in a league of his own as a lyricist. His technical prowess and mastery of rhyme sets him apart from nearly any rapper in the trap music lane.

Listening to Takeoff rap is like hearing a verbal gymnast. He utilizes a smorgasbord of lyrical techniques – lightning-fast triplet flows, dense internal rhymes, unpredictable cadences – that seem to defy the limits of human breath capacity.

And on top of his rhythmic wizardry, Takeoff packs bars with witty metaphors, hidden punchlines, and Atlanta lingo. Unlike some speed rappers, every word out of Takeoff‘s mouth is dense with linguistic meaning.

Beyond just straightforward lyricism, Takeoff knows how to construct verses for maximum musical impact. He carefully chooses hypnotic flows that complement a song‘s production and memorably delivers quotable bars that stick in your head.

Quavo may be Migos‘ radio-friendly star, but lyrical miracle Takeoff provides the substance and style. He is the lyricist‘s lyricist of the Migos trio, exhibiting a breathless verbal dexterity matched by few in hip hop history.

His Continued Success and Legacy

After the runaway success of Culture, Migos continued their hot streak with two more chart-topping albums Culture II (2018) and Culture III (2021). As the trio collaborated with superstars like Drake, Cardi B, and Travis Scott, their sound and influence spread across the hip hop landscape.

And with each new Migos release, Takeoff never failed to impress with show-stopping verses. Just listen to his slippery staccato flow on "Stir Fry" or his bouncy rhyme flurries on "Avalanche". Nearly a decade into his career, Takeoff remains as sharp on the mic as ever.

Beyond Migos, Takeoff has also found solo success with his stellar 2018 debut mixtape The Last Rocket. The album revealed his ability to craft club bangers and heartfelt tracks without Quavo and Offset by his side.

After conquering the charts with Migos for years, Takeoff has rightfully earned acclaim as a trailblazing architect of modern Atlanta trap music. His one-of-a-kind flow patterns, untouchable lyricism, and iconic hits have made Takeoff a fixture of hip hop greatness.

For true fans like me, Takeoff will always represent the pinnacle of technical rapping excellence. His legendary recordings with Migos changed hip hop forever. And Takeoff himself remains one of the most talented, influential rhymers creating art today.