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Tana Mongeau: The Wild Child of YouTube

Full Name Tana Marie Mongeau
Born June 24, 1998 (age 25)
Birthplace Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Height 5‘5"
YouTube Subscribers Over 5 million
Instagram Followers 5.2 million
Twitter Followers 5 million
Facebook Page Likes 4 million

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Early Life and Career Beginnings

Tana Marie Mongeau was born on June 24, 1998 in Las Vegas, Nevada. From a young age, Tana dreamed of being a performer. She loved to sing, dance, and make home videos as a kid.

Tana had a difficult childhood though. She was raised solely by her mother and has described her mom as "mentally ill." Tana was expelled from two schools before eventually dropping out of high school.

As a teenager, Tana started using drugs like cocaine and fell into addiction. At just 15 years old, she checked herself into rehab.

After getting sober, 17-year-old Tana launched a YouTube channel in 2015 as a creative outlet. She quickly gained fans with her raw, confessional videos about her struggles.

"I started making videos as an escape from a world that I was very sick of. It was me versus everybody, just like it had been my whole life." – Tana Mongeau

Rise to YouTube Fame

Tana‘s popularity skyrocketed when she began sharing outrageous and likely exaggerated storytimes about her wild life. While controversial, these strange videos helped her stand out.

In 2017, Tana‘s channel hit 1 million subscribers. She left her mom‘s house and moved to Los Angeles to pursue YouTube fame full-time.

By 2018, Tana had amassed 5 million subscribers. Her fame was growing, but so was her reputation as a troublemaker. From excessive partying to starting pointless feuds, Tana fully embraced her "bad girl" image.

Still, fans loved her honest and unfiltered persona. Tana quickly became one of the biggest stars on YouTube. Some of her most viewed videos include:

  • "The truth about TanaCon" – 37 million views
  • "Doing Jake Paul‘s Makeup" – 25 million views
  • "I got arrested" – 24 million views

Scandals and Controversies

As much as she is loved by fans, Tana has constantly courted controversy:

  • In 2017, Tana filmed a diss track with Jake Paul called "It‘s Everyday Bro." The overly autotuned song instantly became the most disliked YouTube video.
  • In 2018, TanaCon was a disastrous failed attempt by Tana to organize her own convention. The event was overcrowded and led to Tana getting sued.
  • In 2019, Tana married Jake Paul in a Vegas wedding that was later revealed to be fake and just for views.
  • Tana has also been accused many times of racism, using slurs, and appropriating black culture.

Despite endless scandals, Tana has leveraged controversy into further fame. Her fans are drawn to the chaos and find her unbothered attitude refreshing.

Impact and Legacy

Love her or hate her, Tana Mongeau has left a mark on internet culture:

  • She paved the way for YouTubers to be open about their imperfect lives and mistakes on camera.
  • Tana showed how drama can be monetized into huge views and success. Her scandals made her a household name.
  • She was the first YouTuber to land major magazine covers like Paper and Cosmopolitan. This helped give internet stars mainstream credibility.
  • Tana is unafraid to take on taboo topics like sexuality and addiction. She gave a voice to struggles young people go through.

What I Love About Tana

As someone who has followed Tana‘s career from the start, here‘s what I appreciate about her:

  • She‘s resilient. Despite a crazy upbringing, addiction, and non-stop hate, Tana always bounces back.
  • She‘s a savvy businesswoman. Tana knows how to play the YouTube game better than anyone.
  • She doesn‘t care what people think. Tana is proudly herself, flaws and all.
  • She‘s generous to fans. I‘ll never forget when Tana gave a fan a car for their birthday!
  • She uses her platform to speak out on important issues, like Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ rights.

Yes, Tana is problematic at times. But she owns up to her mistakes and keeps fearlessly moving forward. That rebellious spirit will ensure Tana Mongeau remains one of the most fascinating YouTubers for years to come.